Did anyone give birth naturally with the placenta in front of the baby?

I want to know how many women have done a vaginal birth with the placenta in front of the baby


I did with my oldest

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I did I had a natural waterbirth

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I did! It made no difference at all

I did with my daughter… no issues :slightly_smiling_face:

Like an anterior placenta? Yes my first and my current pregnancy both had/have an anterior placenta. As long as it’s not covering your cervix you should be absolutely fine

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I believe it’s medical tetm is placenta previa.

My placenta ruptured around my baby during labor.

If it’s a placenta preview you can’t. It has to be away from the cervix. They can monitor you. I went through it with my 4th pregnancy

It’s really not advisable. I know a woman who lost her baby at 36 weeks due to this and it was really heart breaking. I mean do what you want it’s your body but seriously talk to your ob about it. I don’t even know if their malpractice insurance will cover it and if you do find someone that is willing to let you try please do it in a hospital.

I also had placenta précis for my third son. I was scheduled for a c- section. When I got to them hospital they did an ultrasound before the c- section and the placenta had moved so I was able to have a natural childbirth. I would not try to have natural if u still have placenta Privia. Extremely dangerous.

It’s really not safe to deliver the placenta first since that’s how the baby gets oxygen so even if you didn’t bleed a dangerous amount from it the baby would be without oxygen until it was born and that could cause brain damage or death depending how long it took to deliver the baby.


I had a partial placenta previa and he came so fast I gave birth at home. Everything was fine no extra bleeding.

If the drs are aware the placenta is covering the cervix before labor, they won’t allow natural birth. And they will realize where the placenta is during labor if its not known before and switch to csection. Because delivering naturally with placenta 1st is VERY dangerous. Ive never heard of them allowing it; ive known someone who had 2 pregnancies with placenta blocking the cervix and had to have scheduled csections with both.

I had placenta previa and ended up having an emergency c- sectuin. After delivery I lost alot of blood and ended up needing many blood transfusions.I was in the i.c. u Didn’t get to see my daughter for the first 3 days.

Only of you’re willing to accept one or both of you dying. I had placenta previa and it moved during the pregnancy. Had a vaginal delivery. So there’s still a chance of the placenta moving but if not, its not worth the risk at all.

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I did, everything went great!. It only made it hard for them to hear her heart beat so I had to lay on my side alot right before delivery

There is a huge chance of bleeding out and the baby dieing, I’ve been told.

They won’t allow a vaginal delivery for placenta previa. Mine moved thankfully but at 34 weeks I abruptly and went for an emergency csection.

I don’t think ANY physician would allow a vaginal delivery with the placenta presenting before the baby. That is a HUGE risk of death for both of you from bleeding!!