Did anyone have a small baby after they were told they were going to be big?

Has anyone had a weight/anatomy ultrasound around 28/29 weeks and had results of their baby being in the 86 percentile or more for size & gestational age that ended up having a smaller or average size baby? Doctors guess around another eight or 9-pound baby again for me, but I’m praying they may be wrong since ultrasounds can be +/- 3 weeks off with measurements. Obviously, I want this girl to be healthy, but I’d also like for a smaller baby to come outta me this time. I just want to hear your stories and experiences!

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Yes. He was only 6 lbs after they told me he was basically baby shaq

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Yes. Doc said 8-9pounds he was 6.5

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They said she would be at least 10 pounds scheduled c section and she was only 7.3

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I was 7 months along and they told me with my oldest that she already weighed over 10 lbs and to expect a c section. She came out at 41 weeks 6 lbs and 5 ozs

My sister was told her son was gonna be 9 lbs. He was only 6 pounds. Lol! Can’t always go off what they tell you. Mine was on the money. She guessed 8lbs 7oz. He was 8lbs. 11oz.

I was told my son was 10 plus pounds and he weighed exactly 7 pounds. 9 years later they said my daughter was 8-9 lbs and sge was 6.6

Was told that my son was gonna be a 7 pounder was 8 lbs 8 oz

Was told 7.5 ish , she was 10 lbs.

I got told I would have an average size baby. But my son came out 10.02 for the weight and 22.5 inches tall. I am only 5’4, so I am sure you can imagine how that was.

Yes… Its not accurate…

My youngest was expected to be 10+ due to gestational diabetes she weighed 7’15 at birth.

Nichole Distrito Dela Pena rehus skun hmbl sa ultrasound daku. pag gwa ya. gamay lg sa

I was told that every one of my babies were going to be a pound more then they were.

They told me my baby was gonna be 10 lbs and I was HUGE. But she ended up being 6lbs 13 oz. She’s 6 months and is now 17 lbs. Lol

I was told my son would be 8+ pounds and he was only 6 pounds!

Was told my baby would be 10lbs and she was 5lbs 2oz lol

For me my doctor guessed close. He said his guess was 5 lbs 8oz, and my son was 6 lb 2.3 oz

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34 week scan had baby at almost 6lbs, delivered at 38 weeks. He was 8.3lbs

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Yes! I went for a growth scan at 32 weeks & was told my son was measuring in the 84% tile & then I went again at 36 weeks & he was in the 93% tile measuring 7lbs 8oz … I had him at 38 weeks & he was 7lbs 4oz !!

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