Did anyone have issues after their gallbladder was removed?

The question, did anyone have issues after gallbladder removal? It’s been about seven weeks since surgery, and I have had more complications than anything: dizziness, extreme fatigue, one super heavy period, optical migraines, and constant headaches. I can’t get into my doctor for 2 weeks, so I thought I’d ask if anyone has had any similar experiences. Thank you!


Yup I’ve had all that still and it’s been over 10 years that I’ve had mine removed I even still have trouble with spicy and greasy food it runs right through me

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Go to the em ER !!! :thinking::sunglasses:

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I will be honest, no after the initial two weeks of recovery I did not experience any side effects. You should try to speak to your doctor on the phone or verify if your insurance has a tele-consulting service a detail to them your symptoms see what they recommend. It has been too long after your surgery it could be something else

This could be Corona virus. I would call your doctor ASAP

This doesn’t sound gallbladder related, this literally sounds like covid symptoms, as I had mine out and never ever had these issues, one week down and I was right back to myself, just can’t touch really fatty foods anymore because you don’t have the gallbladder to break the fat down anymore.


Ended in coma for3 weeks on life support because dr in lima cut my liver and knew it .

I had my gallbladder removed 4 weeks ago and no issues at all.

Have your iron checked

I had mine removed when I was 19. I am now 64. I developed irritable bowel with diarrhea. I can’t eat any deep fried food or grease food. Lettuce is very hard to digest. It hasn’t been a pleasant journey…

Have you tested for covid possibly?

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I did not experience any of that. Maybe call and speak to the nurse? I would address the issues sooner. There could be something else going on. Or a complication from the surgery? Either way, I would call and speak with the nurse.

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Diarreha was one, along with tingling throughout my abdomin. Certain foods do not agree with me any more, such as, eggs. Fatigue is maybe another, I never really related it to this. As far as headaches go, not so much, don’t suffer from these to much anymore, other than fron stress of the job.\

Those don’t sound like gallbladder complications. You should call your drs office and try to get in sooner.

Those are symptoms some have experienced with coronavirus. Other than the heavy period.

No that doesn’t sound like symptoms of having your gallbladder removed.

Those are unusual complications, I’ve known several people to have their gallbladder removed. Go get checked out. E.R., nurse hotline, something.


Nope i was fabulous…

Never experienced any of that
Pretty sure your symptoms have nothing to do with gallbladder removal :roll_eyes:

I began having optical migraines a few months after having mine removed but not sure if the two were related