Did anyone have IVF after having their tubes removed?

Long story short, I had my tubes removed (not tied) with my last c-section. I was married and we (mostly my ex) decided we were done having babies. I always had it in my heart to have a fourth baby, but he wasn’t interested, and at the time, we figured it would be easier to just get it done while I was having my c-section anyway. Fast forward to now…in a very happy relationship, and we would love to have a baby. My question is, any mamas have their tubes removed and have successful IVF? What was the process? We have our first Fertility Doc appointment in 2 weeks, and I’m super nervous.


Hi, I had both my tubes removed due to ectopic pregnancies. Previous to those I had 12 early miscarriages (8-10weeks) however through IVF we now have a beautiful little man :pray: the process was emotional & nerve-wracking at times but was worth it. They will check both yourself & your partner (bloods, sperm, egg count, hormones etc) they will give a plan of action dependent on those results. If all comes back as “normal” they will put you on hormones for a few weeks to increase your egg count (feels like a really intense period) then they will remove them - mix them with the sperms to create embryos, you wait a few days to see which of those are viable to pop back in (this number can range massively) remember though it only takes the one :smiley: they will then put one maybe 2 back in. Then you have an approx 2 week wait to see if the magic has happened. The 2 week wait was the worst part for me…I’m impatient by nature so might just have been me! The first time it didn’t work, it was the second attempt we got our miracle.

My advice, embrace the journey, keep the faith & talk to people at all stages.

All the best, feel free to inbox me, happy to chat about it xxx


It’s very possible. Tubes aren’t a necessity when it comes to IVF because your eggs are extracted from your ovaries.

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We have 2 IVF babies and the 1st time it took 3 attempts. Our second was much easier and it happened after the 1st transfer. I like you had children naturally before and needed IVF because of the removal. The 1st & 2 cycle we did after the egg retrieval were unsuccessful and I felt it was all the medications. I asked the doctor if we could try the next cycle with limited meds and it worked perfectly. My body knew what to do was just missing a part to do it naturally. Go with your gut during this process but like Kimberly said embrace the journey. God bless :pray:t3:

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I got both tubes removed due to eptopic in tube and tryed ivf 3 times after and never got pregnant since my first child was natural conception my second was ivf then both tubes out and nothing x

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Tubes aren’t necessary for IVF. They cut out the middle man of having to get an egg released to meet sperm and travel through the tubes and all that. Instead they will take his sample, join to your eggs and put directly where it should go. Honestly you shouldn’t have any issues if fertility wasn’t an issue for you just tube removal


I only have a left ovary the other was removed and my doctor said I can still carry because the tubes are just decor for the house of the baby! So I would think it would be the same good luck!


My stepmom had one tube removed while doing IVF because of blockages. She ended up with a tubal pregnancy in her other one which resulted it that one being removed after the pregnancy caused a rupture. After that, she eventually did IVF again and though he had both tubes removed, she was able to get pregnant again and had twin boys. My brother’s are now 17. It is definitely possible.


You should be fine as they implant the embryo in the uterus and not into the tubes. I don’t have a uterus and I am having our fourth via surrogate. But that’s how they do it! Shoot the emby baby into the uterus because the embryo is already 3 weeks gestation (developed) at time of implant into the uterus. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love nothing more to have kids my f8and I have been trying for 28 years without 1 pregnancy my periods are irregular my uterus is slightly tilted the drs keep saying they see no reason why we shouldn’t b getting pregnant but its upsetting and depressing all we want is to have kids of our own n we cant if give anything to start a family but I just feel as it’s just never gonna happen and it breaks my heart

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I only have one tube. My left one was removed due to an ectopic pregnancy in 2012. We couldn’t get pregnant naturally after that, we tried numerous fertility treatments before doing IVF. We ended up doing IVF in 2017 and had success in our first round we transferred two embryos. We found out we were having twins. We didn’t know if both embryos took or not until our boys were born since it could split. Turns out they both took since they are fraternal.

Good luck Mama. You got this!

I had problems with both my tubes. The doctor said if he couldn’t fix them he was going to remove them because they would cause more harm and weren’t needed for ivf

Are there any sude effects with tube removal if someone can answer that question please that have gone through that process ?

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I was only able to have 2 successful pregnancies until after my tubes were removed! (Endometriosis)

:raising_hand_woman:t2: i only had one tube at the time of my consult due to a rupture with a previous ectopic pregnancy. My fertility doc said we really needed to remove it because it was full of fluid and could be toxic to an embryo if it leaked into my uterus. She removed it, gave me a few weeks to heal and then we proceeded with IVF. My IVF baby is about to turn 2.


Good luck I personally have my tube cut after 3 miscarriage

I don’t really have any advice. But I will tell you that it is most definitely possible! God bless you in your endeavors. :heart:


I wish you nothing but blessings and luck :heart:

Please don’t think I’m being mean. I’m generally confused. If you do not have your tubes doesn’t that mean pregnancy isn’t possible?

Can’t have babies if tubes are tied. You’re done.