Did anyone have symptoms of pregnancy while on Mirena?

I think I may be pregnant. I’m having all the signs minus the sickness. I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday afternoon. But the thing is I’m on the Mirena birth control. So I’m probably not, but then I know birth control isn’t 100%. I’m just wondering if anyone else experienced something like this. Being on birth control and having signs of pregnancy. What are your thoughts?


Only way to know is to take a test. Then call your doctor

My daughter had that she got pregnant on it

I got pregnant on mirena the piece got embedded in my uterus.

I have it. Have for 10 years. No bn issues. I do have symptoms of pregnancy and periods at times.

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My son is 6. Had Mirena never found it :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’ve been on it for almost 2 years and I get pregnancy symptoms all the time. I test once a month just for precaution bc I don’t 100% trust BC

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Pregnancy test! I got pregnant with mirena

I was on Mirena for a little over 2 yrs and never had any issues. I got it taken out to have our last baby (19 weeks preg) and I loved it… I plan on getting it back BUT I have heard of those types of things happening!!!

I thought I was pregnant several times when I had the Mirena but when I took urine tests they were always negative. The last time it happened I went and had a blood test to be sure I wasn’t crazy and had an ultrasound done to be sure the Mirena was in its proper place and it was. My doctor told me that often times side effects of the Mirena can be very similar to that of a pregnancy and many women will opt to have it removed for that reason. At that point, I decided to have it removed as well because it was driving me bananas! 4 months later I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and actually feeling all the pregnancy symptoms :blue_heart:

I have had mirena for 3 year in october.
I dont have regular periods on mirena.
I often go months between them and when I do it’s often light spotting, but I’ll have period “symptoms” achy breasts, tired, cramping ect. And sometimes for me even naseua (this is a period symptom with me).

When I feel super off I’ll go ahead and test since I dont have periods on it. Which is what they’d do at the doctors anyways.

Nadia Lokhat Abdoola🤣

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Yes. Test regularly to make sure since some women don’t get periods with mirena

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I got pregnant on that, but it ended up being where the baby was in my tubes. It was bad for me and the baby.

I’ll say this much… No birth control is 100% effective. But take a test and then wait for your Dr appointment. Good luck xx

Every month I thought I was pregnant. Never was though.

Yes. Literally labor pains that send me to the ER along with nausea, tender breast, the whole 9. I also have other lady issues as well. I love the mirena, on my second one in 8 years, but it’s driving my batty with these symptoms. Advocate for yourself and get a full exam and make sure there are no other issues.

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Is it still there? If an IUD is placed incorrectly it can fall out or just not be effective at all in preventing pregnancy.

I had a few scares but had the mirena for almost 8 years with zero complications and no pregnancies. It wasn’t until I removed it and tried for a baby that I actually got pregnant.

Sometimes Mirena can cause symptoms like that. It’s the hormones in the birth control. It’s more likely that than you being pregnant, but it never hurts to double check.

I had the mirena for 10 yrs only supposed to be in 5 and I never had a period the whole time