Did anyone hear about the family who got kicked off the flight?

Did you guys see the family that got kicked off the flight because their two years old wouldn’t wear a mask? As a mom, I found this crazy. My daughter will be two on the 22nd, and there’s no way she’ll wear a mask. It’s impossible to reason with a toddler. They don’t know what the word virus means and that they can get sick, so you can’t convince them to wear it. Her instinct is that something is on her face and to take it off. I agree with mask wearing, and I agree with having rules, but it has to make sense. This doesn’t make any sense to me. I think it was shameful to put a family out like that. What’re your thoughts?


This is a page for parental advice or similar. This isn’t advice. This post will just stir drama.


It’s not the airlines job to make sure your child can wear a mask. It is their company, their policy. If they knew their child would not wear a mask, they should not have tried to take a plane :woman_shrugging:t4:


i have a toddler, and she’s able to wear the mask just fine. the parents could have tried better to have theirs wear the mask


Don’t travel with a 2 yr old then. Wait until they’re old enough to follow rules or drive to your destination.


In NV no one under 9 has to wear one. Its the law. So no one can say anything. Period. Lol. I wouldn’t make my son who is 8 months ever wear one. My daughter does but she can’t for too long.

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Yep saw the video, they tried to put mask on child, but the staff were just bullying them, without care,.

My special needs child was able to wear a mask at Universal without issue. I think if you know your child won’t cooperate, don’t go where masks are mandated. They could easily drive.


My niece is 2 yrs old and keeps hers on but we rarely take her out but when we have to she keeps it on

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That whole situation sucks but as a mother of two toddlers, I wouldn’t bring them on a flight right now if I wasn’t 100% sure they’d wear a mask. That’s the airlines rule for the safety of everyone and it’s their right to enforce it.


I know A LOT of 2year Olds who wear it with no problem. Even 2year olds with special needs…if you know your kid doesn’t wear a mask, don’t bring them to where its required :woman_shrugging:


My 3 & 6 year old don’t wear them. I don’t agree with it so we just stay out of places who would make them wear it. Luckily, our city has lifted the mandate a couple months ago anyways.

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The age of the child should’ve excluded the child from the mask policy. To be so strict about the age policy of above 2 years old is ridiculous. For any child under 5 or 6 should be the parents’ discretion.


As a mama I made the rules not my children. From age 2 and up they knew mama don’t play and all I had to give was the look. They knew what I said went and they didn’t argue. Thinking maybe the parents could’ve tried harder. Even my youngest who is autistic can wear one…I just had to find one that he could tolerate.


I read the woman was just trying to give her kids a snack and someone flipped out. Who eats with a mask on let alone a little one?

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I think it’s Stupid. We couldn’t go see our family (it’s been 18months) because of this dumbass mask bullshit. Our daughter just turned 3 and she can’t even wear it for 10mins in walmart let alone HOURS for a plane. So hopefully the mask mandate ends before December 31st next year cause if not we pissed away 1800 on plane tickets

Shameful but I got toddler has the Rona no fucks given get off lol. And the airline’s can’t be picky it would be the same for every person or child so fairs faor

I kinda feel you need to prepare your kid to wear a mask. Not expect them to put it on an leave it alone


My smallest daughter has worn one since this pandemic started and she is 20 months. If a child can’t keep a mask on where required then keep them home.


I actually am canceling my trip after seeing the video. I know my 2 year old won’t wear the mask and I don’t want us in this kind of situation.

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