Did anyone lose their mucus plug at 5 months?

Can you post this anonymous please have any moms started losing their mucus plug at five months. I recently started losing what looks like my mucus plug, and I am 5 months and due in January has any other mommies had this happen and did you have your baby early

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Mine came out about 7 months… when are you due?

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You can lose mucus plug more than once in a pregancy when i was pregnant with 2 nd child i lost my mucus plug twice


Ive heard you can loose it and it will just come back basically i dont think its anything to worry about but if you are worried about it call your doctor

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It will grow back. You can lose it multiple times through ur pregnancy. But call your doctor, they may want to check you.


It will regenerate. As long as you don’t see blood you’re good. If you see blood call your doctor

Lost mine twice. They regenerate

You can lose it multiple times and anytime. Does not mean anything unless it’s bloody. If it’s blood then it means a cervix change.

You can lose pieces of your mucus plug over and over. It regenerates. I lose it all the time during my 3rd trimesters and I still have to be induced. 7 babies under my belt and only went into labor with my second without induction. Blood in it is called a bloody show though. Ive only seen it once after a sweep and i was induced the next morning so idk if I would have went into labor, but I was induced for iugr at 39w 4d for fear the placenta would fail.

I started losing mine with my first at like 5 months or so. My Dr said it’ll grow back and you can continue to lose it.

If you’re concerned, you need to be making contact with your midwife/ob.

It will most likely regrow. You can lose it more than once

Several times. It regrows!!!

I lost mine with my 1st… weeks before I had my son, and he was 10 days late :smirk: That’s something you can lose and it grows back :woman_shrugging:

With my second I lost it early. Also I felt more muscousy down there the entire pregnancy. Doctor said normal

It can happen! Can be something simple like infection or intercourse made it loose for example. Most times it can reform. Or could signal preterm labor so its best to talk to your doctor in case.

Just keep an eye on it.
If it happens again or any blood ring your midwife. Xx

Better to see your provider to make sure things are ok.

Make them check at your next appointment just to be safe, if something is wrong the earlier they know the more stuff can be done to prevent anything. I’ve been losing small chunks of mine since 13 weeks and my doctor just assumed it was discharge and it turns outs my cervix has been open for awhile and now it’s too late to have a cerclage

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I lost mine just before 27 weeks and was a little worried at first but I was told as long as there’s no blood it’s completely normal, I’m 32 weeks now and everything is fine, if you’re worried then definitely get them to check you over but it is common to lose it earlier as it grows back xx