Did anyone lose weight while on nexplanon?

Do any of you mamas have the nexplanon implant and lost weight? I’ve been working out and eating better to lose weight. This is my second time having the implant and I’ve never had my period until now! It scares me maybe it’s not working? Has this happened to anyone else?


Nope. Actually put on more weight no matter how much I worked out. Stupid thing, Never again! Period was hit and miss sometimes. Then would spot for weeks on end. Worst things ever. Had mine until it expired last year and I won’t ever go back to it.


I gained a lot of weight while I was on it. After having it removed, my weight has been stuck. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. No matter what I do I can’t lose the weight.

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I have it and I am gaining weight and having long periods. Thinking about getting it out. Only had it not even a year

Hahahahaha I gained 60lbs.

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Gained 60 lbs and once it got removed took another 1-2 years to start losing weight but then lost 80lbs within 6 months.

No weight issues for me but I had that stupid thing in my arm for exactly 6 months and was ecstatic when I was allowed to get it out. After about 3-4 weeks of having it in my mood went crazy, at first I was getting angry faster than usual then I started raging. Towards the end I would wake up in a rage and go to bed the same way, I didn’t even want to be near my daughter because I hated being so angry around her all the time and I was worried it would affect her

I was on the depo shot for a year and my dr was concerned it might be causeing me to lose to much weight so she suggested I switch to the nexplanon implant I have had it for about 4 months and I still having been losing weight just not as fast. I could also have other conditions causing this but so far that is my experience with it and I’m 18 haven’t had children yet

I’ve had it. No weight gain that I didnt cause myself lol I’ve stayed a steady weight actually for the years I’ve been on it. No issues with it other than some bleeding in the beginning but never had a period again

Screw that demon seed! I demanded an emergency removal because it was severely impacting my mood and making me completely unstable. I had never felt myself get as enraged as I did while on that.

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Cannot drop the 30 lbs left from pregnancy for the life of me!! :roll_eyes:Nexplanon nightmare. I think I felt more swollen.
And it gave me an anger rage and deep depression
I’m on depo now but it gives me depression and some inches off not much. Joint pain and some weight gain…so I gotta try something else

I’ve gained weight from having it and my periods are insane too. They sometimes last for 2 weeks at a time, and then again 2 weeks later. I want to get it taken out. But I’m scared.

The implant itself doesnt cause weight gain. It does make you hungrier cause hormones do that but it’s up to you if you indulge every craving or have self restraint. Also for some it makes periods longer and for some it makes it almost go away like for me.

I have gained weight and my pcm actually told me if I want to try to lose weight I should take it out lol. I am planning to either get my tubes tied or even just a total hysterectomy and it’ll get taken out then. I literally have anxiety dreams of getting pregnant again so there’s no way I will take it out before some other permanent form of BC happens.

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I gained about 30lbs when I had it in. I got it removed mostly for that, but it made my hormones crazy and I was having 2 periods a month :sweat:. I weighed more being on that than when I was pregnant. I’m just now getting the weight off after it being out a year.

I have had two periods a month on my second one! It has been horrible and can’t wait to get it out!

I’m on my second one. I have gained weight this time around but not really periods happening.

I’m on my third round with it. No weight gain, actually lost weight, and no period.

I have gained ALOT of weight. This is my second time. Never have I period with either.

I had it for six years gained about 12-15 pounds. It also made my anxiety bad and two periods a month. I just had it taken out and waiting for my body to get “back” to normal hormone wise.