Did anyone regret not taking belly photos?

Has anyone here regretted not taking "Baby Bump Pics?"I’m 21 weeks today, and everyone keeps harassing me about “let me see the belly”. I’ve struggled with anorexia and bulimia my whole life, and am very self-conscious. Pre-pregnancy, I never took full body pics, and I wore men’s hoodies because they are made bigger, and they hid my insecurities beautifully. Now that I’m pregnant, I keep being told, “you’ll regret not documenting this,” and "How can you not want pictures of your baby?"This is my first child, and everyone seems to know what I will and won’t regret better than me. And that’s not saying when I’m further along I won’t want a set of maternity photos, but why is it such a big deal to do monthly or even any when you are still barely showing? So has anyone opted out of these “Bumpies”? And if so, did you, in fact, regret the decision?


I didn’t take any with my son and I do regret it and wish I had of

Take the photos :heart::100::v:t3:

I took one. The day before I had my second child. None with my first. And zero regrets.

I tried to take pictures as often as possible but regret never paying to get maternity photos done when I was further along

Yes! I never took those precious photos and now wish I had. Not even due to insecurities. Just due to the fact that me and my husband worked all the time. Do it mama! One day photos is all we will have.

Take them for yourself no one has to see them but you

With my oldest son I only took a couple pictures my entire pregnancy and I wish I had taken more.

:woman_shrugging: I took literally one with my first AND second and I regret it. I wish I would have taken more! And better quality :sob:

I chose not to do so with both of my pregnancies. I dont regret it one bit. I feel like my memories were important enough for myself. I have selfies that I took not very often of myself for social media use but never had the full maternity photoshoot. Everyone is different though(:

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I have 4 children first 2 I didnt take pics and yes I regret it :pensive:

I would take them and save some just for you… You might not want to now… But future you may have wished you did. My son I regret not having more.

Someone asked me for a belly photo at 4 weeks and this is what they got. I have no shame lmfao

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You do whatever YOU feel comfortable with. Maybe take some bumpies and save them just for yourself? That way you can delete them later if you don’t want to see them. Whatever you want to do with your own body is your choice. I personally love looking back on my bump photos. I’m overweight so sometimes they’re hard to look at. But I do like having them.

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It’s entirely up to you. I just did selfies lol. I wish i would have gotten belly pics with all of my kids but it wasnt realistic at the time. I’m currently pregnant with our third and won’t do them since I havent with the others. I dont regret it per say. But it would have been cool. And in regards to your body image issues…girl. You fine! :fire::fire::fire: dont let anyone, INCLUDING yourself tell you otherwise.

I let my boy paint a face on my bump :rofl:

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I struggled with the same for a long time, you could always get them done for yourself and not share the pictures with anybody. That way you have them but don’t have flaunt them around.


I wish I had taken them. I regret not doing it. Some I did take but others I didn’t. I wish I had taken more

Hell no. I never liked bump pictures. I didn’t do them and I certainly don’t regret it. My kids are three and seven. Listen to your own heart mama :heart:

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No not with my first two and I regret it