Did anyone struggle to gain weight during pregnancy?

Did any moms struggle with gaining weight during pregnancy? At my last appointment, the doc told me my baby was a little small, but she’s not concerned yet. But I’ve had major anxiety about it. I’ve only gained 17 pounds so far, and I’m 23 weeks. Is that normal for some moms?


Your fine I only gained 20 my pregnancy

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Just eat healthy and quit stressing about numbers.
Your dr will let you know if theres a problem (,I’m an RN)

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My first (1985)… I only gained 18lbs. He was born healthy at 7lbs 2oz. I was super active and ate alot. I wasn’t so lucky 2nd time. I went from 125 to 204. I had gestational diabetes and was miserable.

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Try protein shakes it’s healthy n good for you n baby

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When I was pregnant, I only gained five pounds at that was at 21 weeks when we lost our baby. But my doctor never said anything about my weight to me. I actually lost close to 10-15 pounds during the first trimester.

I’m almost 33 weeks and have only gained 6 pounds total. My other babies were 7 and 8 pounds… Everyone is different. And some people just have small babies. Unless doctor says it’s a problem then I wouldn’t worry.

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That happened to me, it was in my third trimester when I gained more weight. All my babies were a little over 6 lbs.

Your not suppose to gain but 25 to 30 lbs while pregnant . I weight 119 when I gave birth to my baby he was perfectly heathy .

I only gained 10lbs don’t stress mama!!! As long as the baby is growing like it should be you are fine! My baby was born perfectly healthy!

I don’t gain weight till the last 2 months of any of my pregnancies and even then it’s not a lot. I think the most I’ve gained on this pregnancy is 16/17lbs and I’m 7 weeks away from giving birth

Every one is different with my last daughter I couldn’t gain anything until the very last 3 months I gained 20 lbs and she weighed 11 lbs 1 oz of that…

Thats normal weight gain. The suggested is 35-40 lbs. You’re almost half way to that point and a little over half way done.

Only gained 12lbs till the last month of pregnancy then gained another 9 1/2 lbs.

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4 children, I only gained 23 pounds every pregnancy, all 4 children healthy, no problems. I never weighed over 140 full term

I didn’t gain weight for a longgg time. Probably about the same as you.
Then I started craving McDonald’s milkshakes :joy::woman_shrugging: my doctor had to limit them to only 1 every week and a half

Did the dr say YOU were small? Sounds like she said the BABY was small. Just eat normal till told otherwise

My mom lost weight! Dr told her to stop dieting. I was born full term and normal

I only gained 12 lbs my whole pregnancy.

Girl I only gained 20 lbs total with my youngest. He was a healthy 6 lbs. Don’t stress it hun.