Did anyone struggle to get pregnant after Mirena?

Has anyone had issues TTC following the use of Mirena?

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Lord no. It was almost immediate. And NOT on purpose. My bonus kiddo was also post Mirena immediately.

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I had the Mirena for 8 years and 4 weeks after Mirena removal I had a positive pregnancy test. So I must’ve gotten pregnant the first week after removal.

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I was pregnant within a few weeks but lost baby. I conceived again about 2 months later . I struggled with my progesterone and took supplements the 2nd he’s 4 now .

I had a healthy pregnancy and baby girl just a few weeks after having mine removed.

Yes it took 7 months and I had a chemical pregnancy and then got pregnant again next cycle

I had mine in for 5.5 years I had it removed end of November 2019 we used condoms till mid January 2020 got a positive test end of Feb 2020 25 weeks with a healthy baby girl

I had the Mirena in for 8 years and it took me 3.5 years to get pregnant after removal.

Took me 6 months each time after removal.

I got pregnant right after removal. I had it in for 2.5 years

Yes, took 6 months :sweat:

Got pregnant within 3 weeks of removal. Didn’t even get to have a period! Removed Nov 19th, tested positive Dec 16th.

I had mine out in February and have been doing no version of prevention and still nothing which surprised me when I had my son before getting the Mirena I got pregnant really easy

I did! I was on mirena for almost 6 yrs after I had my first baby and I got it taken out when we decided to try for another. I went through 6 months of hell after getting it taken out. I had my period for 30 days, I had pregnancy symptoms but was definitely not pregnant. I lost 50lbs in 4 months without changing anything from all the hormones it gives you. It took my body over a year to feel normal again and it took us 2 years to conceive. I bought ovulation tests to track my cycle and finally got pregnant this past December. I’m due in a few weeks with our baby boy! I hope this helps you and I hope you get a positive pregnancy test soon!!

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I was miserable with mirena. Killer cramps, heavy periods, etc. Got it taken out a couple years early and switched to Nuva ring. Pregnant in 7 months. While on Nuva ring. :woman_facepalming:
Found out I was pregnant 1 week before leaving to go on a cruise.

I was pregnant w twins within 2 weeks of my 4.5 year inserted Mirena removal

I had a miscarriage after each of my IUD removals. :blue_heart::angel::heart::angel::green_heart:

I got pregnant on my IUD :woman_shrugging:

I was pregnant before my first period after mine was removed

My daughter had issues