Did anyones daughter start their period around 8 or 9?

Has anyone’s daughter ever started their period at age 8 or 9? I took my daughter for her eight-year check up the other day, and the doctor was already seeing pubic hair and warned me that girls now are starting around eight years old. She’s still a baby! I know how horrible I feel about my period and don’t want my eight-year-old to go through this. We have talked about it, and she’s prepared for it. But I’ve been researching, and it can mean nothing, or it can mean other things are wrong. What is your experience with it? Help, please! I’m freaking out.


My daughter started showing signs at 8 but just started her period at 11

My daughter was at 10, signs starting a lot earlier, like by the time she was 8

I started my period at 8 years old. Never had a talk about it , it just started. Then I was educated on what it was. Since I did start early I plan on talking to my daughter early on about it so shes prepared , since I didnt have the chance to be.

I started when I was 7.

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I started my period at 9. And was fully developed by then. It will likely be irregular for a long time when she starts that early x

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Not my child but I started mine just shy of my 10th birthday. I had heavy periods that I used birth control pills to manage. Other than that I’ve been healthy and had a normal healthy pregnancy 2 years ago.

I started at 9, have had trouble all my life I am 36 now.

My daughter started hers a week before she turned ten. I freaked out, she was so calm and collected… But dr said everything was okay… She does have pretty bad cramping, but nothing too bad.

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My niece started at 9 and bled for a month straight. A girl at the day care started at 9 and is wearing a bra already

I started mine at 7, a weeks before my 8th birthday. My daughter started on her 9th bday and has been consistent for 3 years

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I was 9 …and was totally traumatized because my parents thought they didn’t need to have the talk with me because they thought it would come later… but when my daughter hit 8 I was in fear that she would be traumatized if not told early about it… so I told her and educated her…sure as rain she had it at 9 …
She was upset because she didn’t want to be a woman yet…but she just turned 13 and it’s now becoming a regular on time thing…before that it was all over the place sometimes twice a month or even skip a month

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I started at 9 while on vacation with my entire family. My mother announced it to everyone.

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Well if u complain about it shell probably do the same. Lol just get her prepared for when it happens. Have positive talk with her. And get her to carry a pad with her for when school starts or if shes sleeping over somewhere. Dont make it all nagitive frim the get go. Everyone’s body is different.

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Same. My sister did have a period a 8 though

My daughter is 10 and started this summer. It’s extremely irregular. She had signs starting for the last year and a half

How much does your daughter weigh? Sometimes being overweight can factor into the early start.

I started when I was 7

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Mine was 10. 5 years later still irregular. When her pediatrician saw the signs she suggested we purchase the book “The Care & Keeping of Me”. It was fantastic.


It starts early in my family. I started at 8, my daughter at 9. It happens I ended up having pcos but she seems to be going normally. So don’t fret if she’s not regular for now it’s ok just keep her doctor informed