Did cutting out red dye help your childs behavior?

Anyone have a hyperactive child and then cut out the red dye 40 and see a change in behavior? I think I want to try this but need some testimony.


Why is red dye 40 in a childs hair?


I didn’t even know the dye could do that… I have a hyperactive child I have reduced sugar intake and she was prescribed Vyvanse … Her activeness is now someone more normal .

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I didn’t specifically aim to do this, but I noticed that my daughters behavior has gotten significantly better and looked into the foods I cut out. Most of the ones cut out were high in sugar and contain red dye. So it could be the sugar, but it’s possible it’s the dye as well.

My friend has an ADHD son and she cut out red dye, i didn’t think it helped. I’d give it a whirl and see how it works.

My nephew is allergic to it so yes it helped

Yes. As an adult I’m still VERY sensitive to red or orange dies in foods. Although it comes out though my skin these days, it definitely affected me as a child in my behavior!

Yes personally red food dye gives me more energy than caffeine does so if you wanna try cutting it out it could make a difference

I cut out all red food colorings and much much more from my 8 year old who has mild ADHD.
A world of difference.
I was also told a high protein diet helps as well.

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I’ve heard the same and was gonna try it. Hopefully it works for us hyperactive child moms.

My sensory anxiety adhd combo boy diet changes did nothing for him.

My sister did this and there was a difference in my nephew. For instance… you can see a difference in behavior when he eats a cupcake with red icing vs blue icing. I know that sounds crazy… but I swear. It’s not a cure all… and she has had to implement other things but the red dye theory is real! Lol.

Absolutely.our little girl went over the edge after eating skittles. My husband held her until she could calm down We almost took her to emergency. After she could function normally she actually apologized poor kid

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Yes. My nephew had ADHD and cannot have red dye.

My husband is almost 22 he had issues with it as a kid and still does

I was told to cut the red dye and sugar down

Yes. I cut it out of my daughter’s diet and saw a huge improvement with her behavior.

I can’t stand much red foods. I actively avoid red lollies and stuff. I still eat red stuff just I’m really picky about it. But if I have red cordial or lollies it makes me a bit sick.

It doesn’t hurt to try and see. Try looking into supplements. My ADHD son takes omega 3 fish oil and so far has helped a bit.

YES! It’s made a huge difference and the times she’s had it by mistake recently showed major, almost immediate negative behaviors. I wish I had done it years ago but thought it was going to be too costly for some things. Aldi has made a huge difference for us financially in the change.