Did I do the right thing to get back on my feet?

In July I had to make the hard choice of staying where I was or moving to another state to start out. I was not able to bring my two daughters with me because I didn’t know where I was going to be living if it was going to be in an actual house or if I would be living in my van. I got here and did find a place to live, got a job, and started school. I signed over my rights to my girls over to my mum until I get back on my feet. I miss them like nonother, and I ask myself every day did I make the right choice in leaving them behind in order to better myself and make a better life for them? It kills me to see their lil faces on video chat and not be able to kiss them or hug them, and I don’t know when I will again.


If you have a place to live now why havent you gotten your kids back?


If you have your shit together (house and job) why haven’t you went and gotten them yet? I’m seriously confused :thinking:

Sounds like you are back on your feet… so get them back since you miss them like no other.


You made the right choice, once you get on your feet and have settled well please take them. Make sure you’re supporting your mum financially.


sounds like your ready get them back now

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Yes get on your feet to the point where you know you are not going to fall again, to the point where those babies don’t have to go through another time period like this again, every day those little faces are your motivation

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And yes help your mom out however you can as you build the life you want for your family, even if it’s just $$ for food or gas or whatnot. And thank and encourage that kind mother of yours


You made the wrong choice. It’s now no longer up to you if your children live with you again. It’s up to the courts and your mother. I hope you’re on great terms with her


I wouldn’t have signed my rights away. You could have signed a power of attorney while you’re gone. But that’s just me :woman_shrugging:t2:


Use. Every. Resource. Your. School. Offers. For. Mothers- ASK and advocate for a better way and life for yourself and your babies

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If letting your kids stay with your mom seemed like the right thing to than it probably was. If they are loved and safe while you take the time to get yourself together, then good for you for making sure they were in a good place. It’s hard to be away from them sure. But as long as you keep making the steps to get them it will all be worth it.

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Yes. Now go to work and focus on making as much as money as you can to bring home to the kids and your mom. You owe that to her for stepping up and taking care of your kids. It could take several months but you can do it!

Do everything you can to get them back I dont know why you would have signed away your rights just for your mom to help you out until you had stability for them but god I hope she supports you getting them back. Do whatever you can and do it quickly


If you gave up your rights then they are no longer yours. You should have given temporary guardianship to your mother. Now you will have to go to court to establish your parental rights to get them back.


I hope you’ve been sending your mom money to help support YOUR children. Idk why people have their parents raise their children. And since you’re stable now why haven’t you gotten them back? I never would’ve left my kids behind.


I’m going to say my honest opinion. If you are choosing to be apart of the kids life and raise them yourself, then that’s what you should have done. It’s hard for kids to bounce around, and have you leave like that. You should have stayed and got you’re on you’re feet with them. If you wanted to move still, save up then up to move with them… if you are not at a place that you should care for you’re kids, then I would seek help and keep what time and bond you can have with them


If you feel you’re ready to have them back I’d make take the steps to do so. If I had to I know I’d want what’s best for my little one.

Yeah but now your mom can fight the court system to keep your children.


Not trying to be rude. Why didn’t you live with your mom and daughters? Maybe it wasn’t an option. Hopefully you don’t have to fight to get them back.