Did I forget anything in my hospital bag?

Did I forget anything in my hospital bag? 5th child, and I’m overthinking and can’t shake the feeling I forget something. Items I have packed -one outfit for dad( he’s going home after the birth to be with our other kids) -toiletries for both of us -leggings, sweats and compression leggings for me -tank top and shirt for me -nursing bra and sports bra -outfit for baby to go home in -car seat cover -picture outfit I’ll be packing phone chargers tomorrow night before we leave. I also have my insurance card and ID in my purse. I’m all set, but why do I feel like I forget something? Ugh. I’ve gone over so many lists.


Hair ties & chapstick


Change for vending machines

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Flip flops for the shower

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Whatever snacks you want while you are there. They have some things, but nothing is better than your favorite snack after giving birth


Also, slippers or flip flops to walk the halls in. I just wore my flip flops there.

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Money, robe, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrush, reading material, water bottle,

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Been there chick tons of undies just in case your stuck in there for a bit longer and hubby can’t keep up with the washing at home :laughing:

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The hospital shit for after care wouldn’t stay still for the life of me lol (gave birth Sunday) so I got depends and put maxi overnight pads on it

I was told to bring my power of attorney paperwork

:joy::joy::joy: my whole overnight bag.

Chapstick, hair ties, a sweater or robe for at night, slippers for walking the hall and boppy pillow definitely! :heart:

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Other IDs like health card and sin #, snacks. I find the 3 hospital meals aren’t enough.

Camera, snacks, own water, own pillow, night clothes/birthing clothes. Breast feeding bra, breastfeeding pillow , onesies for baby in case you have to stay, baby blanket

Wipes, hospital never provides over here.

Phone charger chapstick

Chapstick, hair tie, deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brush, hair brush, shampoo and conditioner, hair straightener if you fix your hair that way. Snacks are my go to, underwear and pads cause I don’t like the big hospital ones that they give you.

Baby mittens or nail clippers

I know you said car seat cover. Does that include the care seat itself? Sorry never used a car seat cover so I don’t have a clue.

What about nappies for bub and nursing pads for urself i didnt see those mentioned