Did I over react by not letting my husband hold our son?

Do you think I overreacted when I would not let my son’s father hold him? He lied and went out drinking and came home from the bar after 2 am. We were asleep of course. He was obviously drunk and stumbled and almost fell on top of our son in his bassinet while he was sleeping. What would you have done?


He was drunk.when he tried to hold the baby? Thats a no no. I had my daughters fathers cousin do this…


I probably would’ve pushed him out the room and made him go sleep somewhere else in the house. I wouldn’t care where, just not with me and the baby :v::v::v:


Mine would have been on the couch for the night.


If the child’s sleeping and he’s drunk than no you weren’t wrong


Yeah no, absolutely not. You didn’t over react. It’s our job to make sure our children are always safe. You did your job, don’t let anyone tell you differently. And tell your husband if he’s gonna go out drinking to not come in the bedroom at 2 am :woman_shrugging:t2: sleep on the couch my guy.


I wouldn’t let a drunk person, Daddy or not hold my baby :heart:


If I sent this question in it would be
“Did I overreact by kicking my husband outside for the night after all this?” :woozy_face::rofl::rofl:


No drunk person should ever hold a baby. Husband or any family members.


My daughter’s father left after my csection At 11 am and came back at midnight shit faced. I refused to let him touch her! The only reason I didn’t make him leave was because he had the keys to my car. I would have been devastated if he had dropped her because he was so drunk! Definitely did not over react.

He’s stumbling drunk, he shouldn’t be holding a baby.


He should of slept on the couch


Is this really a question?

Hes impaired. Of course he can’t hold his child until he sobers up. Hope this doesn’t happen often or else you have more than just a fight about whether or not you should let an impaired father hold his child.

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No ma’am, not wrong at all!
And same would apply for you and anyone else too had they been inebriated🥴!
Can’t be mad at dad if he did the same to you because you had been drinking.:+1:t5::100:goes both ways.

Mine is quick to “get in my shit” if he thinks x,y, or z​:expressionless::rofl::smirk: :clap:t5::clap:t5:I actually commend it. Let’s me know you handle things!, even when it comes to mom​:white_check_mark::+1:t5:

no you didnt over react he was drunk dont need him dropping your son


My son’s father was high off of god knows what when our 9 day old son was going into surgery on his heart and the nurse took our baby off him because he was not stable, hell fucking no you anit wrong!! Protect your baby.

It doesn’t matter who he is… if your intoxicated you should not be handling children of any age no matter who you are to a child… your place or status doesn’t change the fact you are a danger and make poor judgment.


He wouldn’t be holding my baby.

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I would have told him to get the eff out and to go say hello to his new bed THE COUCH. :woman_facepalming: