Did marriage counseling help your marriage?

I’ve never been through marriage counseling but I have been through therapy and doing AA. It’s up to you. See how he is sober and give him time…getting sober is not easy. I’ve been married almost 8 yrs and after the first few months of sobriety my marriage has never been stronger…but like all the other women have mentioned it’s up to you. I would personally bring it up in a positive manner and express how you want to do it to strengthen our marriage. Once the honeymoon phase is over it does become difficult. I wish you the best of luck dear :heart:

Well one of the big killers is women overthinking everything. Try to leave stuff alone.

Oh honey in my opinion if you’ve just been married a year it’s only going to get worse. I would suggest that each of you see individual counselors and then see a counselor together.


I don’t see how it could hurt. I would atleast try it, if It doesn’t work atleaat you tried right

It helped us, but it took us finding the right counselor. Just because someone claims to be a marriage counselor doesn’t mean they are any good. We finally found one that is specifically a marriage counselor and he has helped us a lot, but it took us seeing two other people and me saying this isn’t helping, it was just vent sessions and I would leave so mad… we need someone else who can get to the root of our issues jot say something nice to each other every day bc that wasn’t enough


I’ve never been married but I know a lot of people personally who fought and argue and dealt with a lot of crap. And they’re still together. The first 3 years of marriage are the absolute hardest. My parents met in high school, had a kid (me) while still in school and working, complete opposites, they moved in together after they both graduated. They then both moved to Missouri where they had my brother and mom was a SAHM and dad worked nights. Eventually moving to the east coast and back to the Midwest years later. They say lots of fighting and arguing. Now they’ve been married for 20 years after lots of commitment and working things out. They’ve never took marriage counseling but they went to marriage seminars and conferences. Even after they starting working it out and started having that perfect marriage. I think no matter what you do if it’s only 1 sided, it’s never gonna work. But if both of y’all are invested in making it work then it will 100% work. But it could take years. But don’t ever give up. Mom says just cause you start having that perfect marriage doesn’t mean you stop trying to make it work or stop going to the seminars. Just cause you can cook certain things doesn’t mean you can cook everything. You’re always trying new recipes and different things. My parents would go to the ends of the earth for each other as it shows. To us and everyone around them. Newly married people ask how they got their marriage so perfect and they say by hard work and dedication. Marriage is definitely not easy. But it’s worth it. I hope nothing but the best for y’all :sparkling_heart:


If he’s willing to go and put in the work, GO!

My husband suggests counseling whenever we fight and he thinks its my fault but if I bring it up he says what for so I’m in a similar situation

You both have to want to work at counseling. We found a wonderful Christian counselor that saved our marriage

I’ve always heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Idk if it’s true or not but that’s what I’m told. I would say it’s worth a shot, but therapy only works if you’re willing to accept the help


Every person would benefit from counseling and every marriage would benefit from counseling. Its just beneficial period.

It helped us tremendously. Finding the right counselor however, took a bit of luck


Some times it’s hard for people to communicate face to face, have you tried, writing a letter and getting him to do the same, and or bring up serious topics through text, sometimes it helps … people communicate differently.

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Yes, absolutely! The best thing we could have ever done for our relationship!

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I’ve been with my husband 6 years married almost 2. With 2 kids (one who isn’t born yet out of those 2) in my opinion if you both want it to work you don’t need a third party telling you how to fix it. You just have to learn to communicate without disregarding each other opinions. It’s hard work but me and my husband finally did it. Here and there you’ll have some snippy comments and stuff but it will get better.

Been married going 10 years strong. Yall need counseling asap if fighting like this. Unfortunately its worse trying to make if work for the kids if yall are already in this state. Let go if he won’t go to counseling asap. Sometimes co parenting happily is better than parenting being miserable. Trust your instincts. Love really isn’t hard and it took me 2 marriages to grasp this. Also it took me to understand to not take relationship advice from other single or divorced women. Just saying. Not trying to be mean its just that a professional is always your best bet , other than that just trust YOUR INSTINCTS

When was the last time you went on a date, made time for each other