Did you decide to home school or are you sending your child to school?

I live in MA and have a daughter entering Kindergarten this year. I wonder how many mamas have decided to home school this year - but not out of fear of catching COVID-19, just out of fear of the state of the world we live in? I think this would apply more to parents of younger school-aged children but am curious to hear from all!


I did virtual with my children Pre-K -8th not exactly due to covid but due to the new restrictions and mandates due to covid.

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My daughter starts pre-k through her daycare September 8th. She’s been in daycare since 14 months. She starts kindergarten next year and I have no problem sending her, then again we made sure were in a decent public school district.

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My daughter is in 1st this year and she is in school full time and im so thankful. The normalcy was more important to me than anything. She needs to be around other kids and have her teacher right there to help. I can’t imagine trying to teach a child to read virtually


I’ve done virtual with my 7 year old

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My 3rd grade will be going all 5 days. No virtual for us.

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I live in VT and have a son that’s in 2nd grade this year and decided to homeschool. Partly because of covid and partly because of the education system.

We are doing the in school option. We have a choice but for my boys in school is better for their learning.

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I’m in MI and I’m keeping my son home he’s goin into 4th grade this year, my husband and I talked about it and then asked our son what his thoughts were and he’s ok with home school his close family is doing it as well so he’ll have kids to play with as well

My kids are going into 2nd & 4th they are going to regular school we live in a very small town and have a 4 day school week and both are playing sports as well right now

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I have 3 kids one will be a senior ,ones going into 11th grade and ones going into 9th grade , me my husband and kids talked bout it and we decided to do distance learning/home schooling for the kids

My son is going into first grade this year and he will be doing remote learning but it’s because of the risk of Covid. I don’t think what they are doing will prevent anything.

My kid is going into kindergarten and will be doing distance learning this year. After lots of thinking, this is what we thought was best for our family.

Sent my kids to school. My two oldest went back on the 17th they are in 8th and 2nd grade, and my youngest started on the 19th she is in Kindergarten. My kids (mainly my 2nd grader) learn better in person last school year online was really rough.

I’ve been doing virtual school for a few years but personally I don’t think fear should be a reason to homeschool or virtual it’s not for all children and you gotta really decided if it will be good for your child’s education. Things can happen anywhere anytime just because they don’t go to an actual school doesn’t necessarily mean they are any safer.


My lil one will be doing virtual, we’ve had 5 deaths due to Covid-19. Children now a days learn how to maneuver a phone & other electronics in my opinion is no different than learning virtual, theres special needs students & those who have no parents I feel a district should focus more on. My choice bc of parents whom lie & love to send their kids sick to school. My lil was in the hospital 3 weeks prior to this pandemic bc he got sick from children that had pneumonia in school. I’m sure those same parents will do the same w/out consideration of others health.

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I have a 1st and 2nd grader. We opted for virtual for consistency. None of my questions were answered in a timely manner (not only at school but at job as well). I have a feeling they are going to be bouncing back and forth to and from school week and week. My oldest would struggle with that and felt virtual would be better.

My son is in 3rd grade this year. He goes in person Monday through Thursday.

Mine began last week already. Grade 10, 4, 1st, Kindergarten, and preschool. We chose in school 2 days a week virtual 3 days. Youngest is fulltime.

I mean, I’m keeping my daughter home but our options were two days a week at school and three days online or 100% virtual, and because we are a single vehicle home and I don’t want to walk my 1.5 year old to the bus stop in 110°+ weather, even just two days a week. Today is her first day of school.