Did you get pregnant 6 months after a c-section?

Has anyone gotten pregnant six months after a c-section? How did it go? I am so nervous. I was on birth control, and we used condoms, but here I am, five weeks pregnant!!


My sister got pregnant immediately after her csection and baby is fine.:heart: It happens

I got pregnant 4 months after my 2nd c-section almost 29 years ago

I got pregnant 5 months after my csection and everything was fine!

I got pregnant 3 months after my 2nd c-section and I went on to have a healthy baby, pregnancy, and I had a VBA2C which I pushed her out into my husband’s arms.

I got pregnant 10 months after my first csection and 4 months after my 2nd csection all healthy chunky babies

I was a year after . Going well so far . Well a couple days shy of a year .

My sister is 11 weeks pregnant. She just had a baby 8 months ago and she had a C-section.

2 months after my second 32 years ago

I got pregnant with my third baby after having my second 7 months before everything went well and my recovery for my third was a lot easier than my first or second ! Best of wishes to you and congratulations mama :two_hearts: !

7 months after my c section

Got pregnant 3 months after section. Everything going okay :crossed_fingers:

5 weeks after c-section . No issues.

:grimacing: I got pregnant a little over a month after my csection. My girls are just a few days shy of 13m apart. No issues, and ended up have a vbac with her

I had a c-section and got pregnant 6 weeks after. My kids are 10 months apart. Everything was smooth.

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I have had five C-sections all together. My 3rd and 4th were really close together. I got pregnant with my 4th son when my 3rd was only six months old…And believe it or not it actually worked out just fine. It actually was the easiest pregnancy & recovery I had with all my C-section’s My 3rd & 4th are 14 months apart.

I’m in the same boat, but I’m 26 weeks. The only problem I’ve had was yesterday, felt like the incision was getting ripped apart but doctors say it’s just ligaments stretching. &there’s nothing they can do, but totally normal. So if that happens, don’t panic!

Yes! My boys are 14months apart and both c-section babies. They just keep an eye on you to make sure your “window” has healed and stays closed

I got pregnant 2 months after mine. Had 2 c-sections in 11 months and I was fine.

I got pregnant with my third 5 months after my second (c-section)