Did you get the covid vaccine while pregnant?

Hello! I’d like to know if any pregnant mamas out there got the Covid-19 vaccine. I got the 1st round before I knew I was pregnant. Found out I was expecting the day before my 2nd dose. I decided to opt-out on the 2nd until a bit later. I’ve heard some women wait until after 12 weeks. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to add that I did talk to my doctor, and he gave me all the stats and seems to think it will be fine, but I’m still pretty nervous.


I was instructed by my OB not to get it while pregnant. She said there hasn’t been enough studies to prove that it doesn’t effect the baby. My daughter is now 7 weeks and I still opted out of getting it.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Did you get the covid vaccine while pregnant?

Big nope on any shot while prego. Any insert will tell ya it’s never been tested on pregnant women


I’m waiting till after my baby is born

I’m 33 weeks and opted out till I’ve had the baby

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Nope, i had my baby 6/1 and Im still not getting it.


Personally wear a mask around people. I haven’t believed anything the CDC has said. I got really sick from 2nd shot.

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I haven’t got it, I just wear a mask plan to get it after having my baby

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I’m pregnant now and I just had blood screening done and found out baby is high risk for defect. I have to go get more screenings done at later appointment. I am also high risk because of my other pregnancies. So I have opted to wait until after birth to get vaccinated which was recommended. My job hasn’t made it mandatory. Also, I’m in Reserves and so far hasn’t been made mandatory yet. I do take precautions in public and all as best as I can. But no vaccine yet.

I got my first shot at 25 weeks and second at my second at 28 weeks! Baby still growing and perfectly healthy. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. Only side effects I had was a bit of a sore arm and really tired for about 2 days. I got the Pfizer vaccine.


No long term studies on what it does to the development of the baby and that’s a human life you’re growing…it’s not worth the risk to me whatsoever. The government isn’t going to compensate me or my child if it damages them. So no.


My doctor recommended to wait as there is not enough data. I opted out and wear a mask everywhere.


I got my first dose without knowing I was pregnant… spoke to my ob about the second one and he said to absolutely not skip the second one. So I got it. It made me feel like complete death :sweat_smile: but I think it was worth it. Idk. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so then I wouldn’t. I’m currently about 6 weeks pregnant.


I thought they advised against it while pregnant. ?

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I’m 30wks and will never get it, period, even once baby comes. like someone stated above, there has been zero long term studies to how it will affect the baby in the long run. I would never let my child be the guinea pig for a vaccine that’s being pushed entirely too hard, in my opinion :woman_shrugging: to each their own when it comes to it tho!


Nope. Most definitely not while I’m pregnant


My doctor asked if I’ve gotten it or if I wanted it, I told him no. With my pregnancy being high risk he said it’s the safer option. My niece is also pregnant and due next month and she’s been vaccinated. If you want it and your doctor thinks you’ll be fine then go for it. If you’re unsure for any reason then I’d say skip it.


Nurse here, personally I wouldn’t get any shot while preggo

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