Did you get the TDAP vaccine while pregnant?

How many pregnant moms out there have received the Tdap vaccine (whooping cough vaccine)? Do you recommend it? I’m scared of the side effects. I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I’m supposed to get the vaccine.


I got it and had no side effects.

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I got it and had no side effects

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I got it and was fine.

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I got it in my baby got one of his two month Check up he’s perfect and so am I

I was given all my updated vaccinations that day after i delivered upon discharge

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I got it with both my kids and no side effects. Just got the second one last week

I got it and i had no side effects.

I just got it two weeks ago didnt feel the shot at all but my arm was a little sore for a couple days.

My daughter got it as well as her husband and my husband and I . It wasn’t bad.

My doc gave me mines the day after I gave birth.

I got that and the flu shot every time

i got it, had no problems other than my arm hurt for a fucking week

Considered a Class C drug, and not tested on pregnant women. Research and make an informed choice.


My whole family got theirs. No issues at all

I got the shot the day i was leaving the hospital from having my son

Just got mine yesterday. Second pregnancy. No issues other than a sore arm.

I got it no side effects.

Yup. Got any vaccines I needed and so will the kids and my S.O

Ive never been offered the dtap or flu in any of my 3 pregnancies nor do i know anyone that has.im in Canada, we’re all fine. No shots when pregnant