Did you have to take your nipple piercing out when you got pregnant?

I’m curious how many Mama’s have/had nipple piercings when they got pregnant. Were they forced to take them out at some point? If not, how were they kept while breastfeeding? I’ve had multiple conversations with him telling him I need more from him and that I don’t feel like we’re a team, but he hasn’t made any effort to change. I feel like all respect is lost in our relationship.


I’m 29 weeks and still have mine in. Dont plan on removing them either. However I’m also not breastfeeding


Nope ! Not unless you have a c section or breast feed.

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I wore/am wearing mine. They have larger/flexible ones to put in while you’re growing and feeding

Just take the jewelry out while BF and put it back when done. They are a choking hazard if you don’t take them out during feeding


I took mine out to breastfeed and put them back in after she was done eating.

Seems like there’s 2 questions in this post that have nothing to do with each other


I had it during pregnancy. I planned on nursing so I took them out. I’ll probably get them again after I’m done having babies. I wouldn’t nurse and have them, that’s to much germs and thinking of mastitis .


Hey I took mine out when at 20 weeks but only because I was breastfeeding. I did find that boob leaked alot more milk than the other x

I’m 21 weeks and I still have mine, dr laughed and said just take them out breast feeding as a precaution so the baby doesn’t swallow any part of the piercings

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Is this about peircings or your partner?


No. I would unscrew and remove them during breastfeeding on whatever side my daughter was feeding then put them back in so they didn’t close.

How did that go from nipple piercings to relationship issues?


I kept mine in. I was going to keep them in while I breast fed but after 3 days I got so irritated taking them out and putting them back in so much so I left them out

I took mine out when I went into labor. I didn’t feel like having to take them out then back in all the time

Your nipple rings are disrespectful?
How rude :wink:


Who TF is “he?” How did we go from breastfeeding with nipple rings to some man in the relationship not supporting you,? I’m seriously confused!


I’m so confused. Are you having serious discussions with your breastfeeding baby?


The first half of this and the second half.of this make no sense together… I kept mine in until delivery but then wasnt able to breastfeed anyway as nothing would come out of one side at all and the other side was not making enough to keep baby fed so I put them back in and was done with breastfeeding.

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I took mine out at the beginning of my pregnancy just so I wouldn’t have to worry about complications later on.