Did you struggle to get pregnant after having the IUD removed?

I’ve had my Mirena IUD out for almost six months, had it in for almost five years, and we have not gotten pregnant yet. Do any other moms experience something like this?!

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Didn’t your Dr explain how this device works? It works by irritating the lining of your cervix which creates a hostile environment. With it removed, your cervix has scar tissue inside and you have fewer chances of becoming pregnant.


It’s also linked to breast cancer, many don’t know this!

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My twin sister had that IUD and got pregnant in 6 months or so. Dont give up

getting pregnant may be easier for some woman than others

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Speak to your doctor about this. There may not be anything wrong and you are just missing the ovulation window.


Consider having D and C to refresh the lining of your uterus


I loved the Mirena. I had it 5 years, got it taken out and we were pregnant within a couple months. Talk to your doctor.

Talk to your doctor. No one else can determine why you haven’t gotten pregnant yet. It could be nothing or there could be something so talk to doc about it

I got my Mirena taken out February 2020 (it was the second one placed, so 10 years with one) and was pregnant by the end of August 2020

It took me a year to get pregnant the first time and almost two years and three miscarriages the second. But I also suffer from PCOS

If you had the hormone based IUD your body might need to regulate. Not all are hormone based, though. I had the 10 year no hormone copper IUD. I have zero idea how it worked-It was a magical mystery device.

I have had 2 in my life, the first one I had for 3 years, removed it and got pregnant immediately. The second one I had for 10 years.

Took me 14 months after removing

I had 2 mirenas back to back (10yrs total) and I got the second one removed in July 2020 and am currently 6 months pregnant (conceived in August). Every one and every body is different❤ good luck

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I had paragard which is the same kind of device but with no hormones and u can keep it in for 10 years. I had it in for 8 years and got pg 3 months after having it removed. It’s different for everyone

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Well I had back to back Mirenas. Total of 15 years. Got it out in Sept of 2017. Was pregnant by January 2018. Unfortunately had a miscarriage in February. Got pregnant again by December/January of 2019. Had our son in August 2019. Got another iud after that. Had it removed in September 2020. Not pregnant yet. But trying. But then again, I am about to be 46 in April. So we’ll see if we’re lucky enough to get pregnant again. Might just be my fertile time is over. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Everyone’s body will react differently to it being removed. Both times I had mine removed got pregnant within the month. Better option would be to go talk to doctor and try to figure out if something else is going on with your body.

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I had mine for 4 yrs, took it out and was pregnant in 2 months

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If you’ve only been trying for 6 months I would not worry as to why you’re not getting pregnant, I’ve never in my life used birth control and I also have a regular cycle and it took me almost a year to get pregnant. I think you’ll be fine and become pregnant eventually if you have no other health issues etc…

I have had it twice first time i had 5 years no issues got pregnant after 7 months of removal. I got it placed after that baby Then I had it for 2 years it took 5 years and 2 miscarriages to have my rainbow baby 1-11-2021