Did you take Zoloft while pregnant?

Do any moms take Zoloft during their pregnancy? Specifically, the 3rd trimester? I have read everything online and spoke to my OB and psychiatrist about the risks, but I want to know about someone’s personal experiences.


Yes I did starting in my second trimester with my second child because I had post partum horribly after my first child. No side effects or issues with my second child thus far. She’s 9.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Did you take Zoloft while pregnant?

Following! I’ve been taking it and currently in my 3rd trimester. My dr has been fine with it throughout the pregnancy

I did! I’m prescribed 100mgs never had any problems. Zoloft is one of the safer antidepressants/anxiety medications you can take!


Yes. Have taken Zoloft for years and years, including through 2 pregnancies. No issues at all!

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I did. No bad side effects whatsoever. Helped so much

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Yes I took Zoloft while pregnant with my 5 th child
But eventually I took my ownself off of it bc of the same concerns you have as well
Of course,?I did notify my doctor bc my opinion I just didn’t feel comfortable taking not just Zoloft bc I’m really not a pill person anyways
Now I have a regimen bc of other health issues but it’s ok to question anything that goes into your body

I did. 50mg a day. It is one of the safest ones, or at least was three years ago. I also took it while breastfeeding and had no ill effects there either.


I have and had no problems. It was the only reason I made it through some days towards the end of pregnancy

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I had no choice but to take it. We’ve had no issues.

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I did. Needed it with my daughter. I was throwing up so bad even hospitalized

I’ve been taken Dramamine only thing that helps me sleep I’m currently 19 weeks along too

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I took it while pregnant and my anger and hostility was waaaaay worse on it then off it

Yes’My Dr. prescribed it to me in my 2nd trimester and my baby is ok hes 5 years old now

I took it while pregnant and my daughter had withdraws from it for about a week. (Shaking her hands, sneezing). After that shes been fine and shes almost 3

I did. It helped me well enough.

I took 100 mg both my pregnancies. My first did have some shaking when he was born due to withdrawal that only lasted a day or two, but my second wasn’t affected by it at all

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I had to take it during my third trimester of my last pregnancy. It was a VERY low dose of 25mg daily. I didn’t notice any differences in my son once he was born or throughout his infancy. I was on it for a few months while breastfeeding too. It helped me a lot as I was to the point of wanting to hurt myself, etc. It helped me stabilize and feel like I could cope with things and enjoy my family again. It also helped me sleep as I had trouble with that before taking it.

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My midwife told me I could take up until the third trimester but I would have to come off of it however I stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant