Did Zarbaees cough syrup work for you?

Did zarbes cough syrup, and mucus work for anyone? How long til it starts kicking in? My 1 yr old has this really bad cough. It’s like this screech cough, and Idk if maybe it’s not working, or I need to wait longer. I gave it to her, about an hr ago. I hate hearing her cough like this! What are good cough remedies, or medicine, that worked, for you?


It’s gonna take more than one dose for it to work but it works

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Zarbees didn’t work one but for my guy. He is also one. I give him dimetapp and it works great!

Zarbees worked for us. Just make sure you have the dose right and do it every four hours(I think that’s what the box says) it takes more than one dose to work.

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Ive been giving it to my 2 year old for a year on and off its 50/50 . You could try a spoon of honey.

No cough syrup for toddlers. You don’t want to suppress a cough.


The Hylands Baby brand seems to work better


Tis the season for croup, to be safe take her to the dr… but i always gave my son at that age zarbees or highlands… hope she feels better…


I was advised by a health worker and drs to not use cough syrup as it prolongs the cold as it stops the body naturally clearing the catahhr (snot etc). It may not be nice but it’s better in the long run to not use it. Try warm blackcurrant x

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Try warming up some honey with some lemon juice, have her drink it after it cools down. I do this all the time, the honey will soothe her throat, while the lemon juice will break up any mucus

I use it for my son. I also use the lavender oil and the congestion rub. I think from either hylands or zarbees

Priton or antihistamine works good it actually stops the itch that makes u cough x or vicks on soles of feet cover with socks at night !!

If it doesn’t sound like your normal “cold” cough, ( high pitched, barking sound) it may be croup. If that’s the case, try sitting with them in a steamy bathroom with a hot shower going. You don’t want to let it get worse. I’d call their pediatrician, just to be safe.

No it never worked. Benadryl at night time dries up mucus better than anything I’ve tried

Zarbees works wonders it’s really not a suppressant it just helps them cough up what’s in there couch suppressants are bad for kids under the age of 3

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My Dr also suggested hylands. Said sometimes one will work better than the other

It worked for us took about 2 days to actually kick in

I bought the baby one for 2 months +.
I think it’s making a difference!

Honey always did wonders for my kids

Never worked for my kid. We used honey and lemon. Pineapple juice supposed to be good for cough