Do antibiotics affect birth control?

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The only antibiotic known to affect birth control is rifampin. Most others have been shown to not significantly increase risk of pregnancy, though studies are not perfect as birth control use is not perfect either. If you are that worried, just use backup protection for the time you are on the antibiotic.

Antibiotics and Birth Control

Yes, but your doctor wouldn’t give you an antibiotic for no reason. Using backup protection is your best bet

Yes you need to use back up protection the whole duration your on your antibiotics and not miss a dose of your birth control if taking the pill!

Yep, my pharmacist told me this with Amoxicillin.

Again with this question???

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Yes birth control pills will even say to use a second type of protection while taking meds

Yes they can make it less effective


Yes. If you are on birth control and take antibiotics then you should use condoms or abstinence until after the next month or you might end up pregnant…

Yes, they should tell you that when you are given them! Don’t have sex when you are taking antibiotics! A kid is NOT worth not holding out for a bit🤣

I am surprised everyone doesn’t know this…

I am a pharmacist and most commonly prescribed antibiotics don’t actually have any interaction with birth control. Rifampin is the main exception, but it is not a super common antibiotic used. I used to believe this prior to pharmacy school, but in general it is a myth.


Yes some can!Talk to the pharmacist when getting antibiotics to see if that kind affects BC.

yes it does, I got pregnant all three times while on antibiotic while on birth control, it wasn’t till my third pregnancy the doctor said something about antibiotics making birth control ineffective. No one told me that till after I was pregnant for the third time.

You should check with your doctor for your specific birth control and antibiotics but yes, my doc has always told me to use backup non-hormonal birth control (condoms) when I’m on an antibiotic even for a short time after finishing the prescription.

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