Do any other mamas play calming music to help their kids sleep?

I’m curious to see if any other mamas play calming music for their kids at night to help them relax to go to sleep at night. My daughter is two, and it’s a fight to get her to calm down to go to sleep. With a side note that we are also trying to get her use to her own bed as well, that also has been an ongoing battle for a while now.


Have been doing that since kids were babies. Now my daughter is 5 and a half and my son is 3 we are still doing it. Helps both kids and me

I do for my youngest. He is also a super light sleeper and even me just turning over in the bed will wake him up. He just turned 1 and is still in our room as he does not sleep through the night

Actually my girls slept to three days grace till a about 6 months when the radio went up. Slept great

We’ve used a white noise machine that has other sounds and such since my son was a few weeks old. It has been amazing.

Mine sleep with a small fan … they are sleeping all night long

I play the Klove radio station all throughout the day and night.

Yes definitely !
I play white noise recommend if you can’t get her down tried and tested on all 3 of my children
Good luck :wink:

No, we use a sound machine that plays rain. Also colors like orange and red help baby sleep :sleeping:

I tried it and it didnt really do anything for my daughter sadly

We don’t, but you should look into a sensory light for her. We got our oldest daughter(she’s 5) one when she was a baby. It’s a turtle and on the shell it has stars and the moon and it has 3 different soft colors that can either stay on one color or it can change to all 3. It projects the stars and moon onto her walls and ceiling. It helped a ton. Still does.

I have!! Mine 4 month now been doing it since she 2.5 months. It has been a game changer

We have used it since birth pretty much. White noise first then we went to soft music until my oldest requested Jazz! It really is trial and error. As for getting child to sleep in own bed… make a big deal out of it, small little rewards for all night and maybe a special stuffy or blanket

Beethoven works every single time. Even my 11 yr old doesn’t stand a chance against Moonlight Sonata on repeat, it’s better then going hiking and melatonin combined on my kids.

We did that for my son from the time he was an infant to about age 6. Worked so well for us!

I use ocean sounds for my girl. Seems to work well. Sleeps in her own crib for 10-12 hours per night.

Honestly no i do not use any sort of noise maker when my son sleeps. I was intentionally loud when he was smaller so he could sleep through noise. Hell. I can go in and turn on lights, go through my drawers, clean up his toys, hell i could fart right next to his ear if i wanted to. He wont wake up.

I have a noise machine and music for my daughter. Music turns itself off after an hour. Sound machine goes all night to cover up sounds of hubs alarm/ nanas bathroom trips/brother getting up.

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Soooo im a horrid mom and i let my kids watch a movie to fall asleep. Works every time and it really only takes 1 movie… the TV has a timer and shuts off after so long. Both my kids are great sleepers and slept threw the night since weeks old.


This is what we use.