Do aunts have legal rights to see their nephews?

My sister and I have never gotten along. I moved out of home eight years ago; I haven’t spoken to her for over a year and a half. We had a fight when I was 16 weeks pregnant. She threatened and tried to assault me; she said: “I hope you miscarry, and I’ll try to make it happen, and if you don’t, I’m coming after your baby.” Hubby stood in between us and told her off, and my parents didn’t try to tell her to back down. My son is now 17 months he has never meet my side of the family because of a disagreement that extended from that incident. She recently contacted me and asked to see my son, and I told her I don’t feel comfortable with that after what happened. She told me she would take me to court for Aunty’s rights. (Is that even a thing? ) Hubby said there’s no such thing, but as someone with anxiety, I’m a little worried. I don’t want the stress of it all. We have enough going on atm. Please tell me she is full of shit. I don’t want her in my life. What I wrote above is only part of the reason it gets worse; she is not a nice person.


I’ve never heard of that. You should Google it.

Nope. Your sister is full of crap! And good for you for protecting your child from all that drama. No way would she ever lay eyes on my kid! And I mean NEVER!


No, especially if there is no significant relationship between your son and sister. Now grandparent rights, that exists.


No, just an aunt so know rights at all. No grandparents rights either.

No that is not a thing! They have grandparents rights but not that! Lmao ignore her

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No. Grandparents rights, that is a thing though

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i googled it and it said in cali they can have rights of visitation. so i would think its a state basis.

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In Ontario aunts and uncles don’t have rights but grandparents do. Alittle google search will ease your mind :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not a thing. & even if it was, after the court hears what she did, and having a witness they wouldn’t allow that. Tell her to shove it


There is grandparents rights but not aunt or uncle rights that I’ve heard of . But it depends where you are because each state or province may have different standards

No. She might harm your baby she already tried to harm you so you will miscarry. That’s a scary thought.


There is no “aunt rights”. Some states have Grandparents rights, and to get those is has to be an extreme case, where they were super involved with the child- like daily-for years and are now being denied visitation. From what you posted, that wouldn’t be granted in your case. A court will not force parents to involve their family in their life.


What child needs an aunt like that. I would protect my baby at all cost You better with her out of your life too she sounds nasty Never heard of Aunties rights. Grandparents Yes

Google search could have answered this🤷‍♀️

I would never allow someone around my baby if I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Period.


No… and some people think there is a grandparents right too… there is not unless the grand parents can prove they have been a significant role on the child’s life (raise kid from nb-4 or something like that).

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Not in NC at least. I just googled it ha

There is a thing… its similar to grandparents rights. But with the toxic history I highly doubt a judge will enforce such a thing in your situation being as the Aunt adds nothing of benefit to said child.

I’m sorry for everything your going through. As an almost new mom myself. You have every right to keep anyone from your child. Especially if they’re drama filled and toxic