Do grandparents have the right to discipline their grandkids?

I live with my boyfriend and his father. We have an almost two-year daughter. My bf’s dad is continuously yelling at my daughter for ANYTHING that she does. She gets excited about seeing him? He yells at her to calm down, and she doesn’t need to act like that. She plays and runs around, and he gets really mean and tells her to settle down. She can’t do anything if he’s around with him screaming at her. Last night he went as far as smacking my daughter in her mouth bc she was trying to play with him! My blood was boiling, but her dad handled it. Since we live with him, I feel like I cannot say anything, but I’m at my breaking point after he smacked her. What should I do? As a parent, I feel like me or her dad should be doing the disciplining, and if the grandparent has an issue, he needs to tell one of us and let us handle it.


There’s a difference between discipline & just being an asshole. He’s just being an asshole in my opinion :rage: but if anyone ever laid a hand on my daughter it’d be the last time it happened.

Move out immediately


Move out. Get 3 jobs if you have to, save your money, and get the eff out. Your daughter is being abused.


I understand his house his rules and if he doesn’t want her running around then maybe take her outside to play more during the day so he isn’t a jerk about her running around. As for smacking her in the mouth, she is TWO and I would be livid and smack him in his mouth!!

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Discipline, yes, hit, no!


I feel like they do but not to discipline like that an never do it when the parents are around it should be the parents job unless grandparents are babysitting but I don’t ever think someone should pop any kid in the mouth!

I feel they can discipline if reason is appropriate (but doesn’t seem to be in this post) however they shouldn’t be getting physical. Can you guys move out?

I will always protect my kid no matter who it is. If you feel he is overboard step up just because he lives with you doesnt mean he can treat her poorly and definitely not put his hands on her

Uh nope. Time to move out.

No one ever has the right to lay their hands on your child.


Obviously living with him is not working.
Fix the situation for your child and move.


I would have raised hell… no one hits my kid!!! He wouldn’t have anything to do with my child ever again.

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Are y’all living in his dad’s house? Or his dad is living with your boyfriend in your boyfriend’s house?

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His house his rules. But Boundaries should be discussed and agreed upon. I wouldn’t let someone else hit my child.

Ohhh hheeecckkk noooo. You lay hands on my child? Smack him right back. How do you like it?!

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Move out. I would’ve been talking MAD SHIT especially my father in law. Makes me mad just thinking about it that’s crossing the line. Y’all should look into getting your own place. Kids are gonna be kids… I have my moments but they’re KIDS

There’s a difference between discipline and abuse. My dad LOVES his grandkids and gives them every chance in the world, but there’s times they get popped in the butt. He always tells me he did it and why… your FIL is excessive and getting hit for wanting to play is gross.


His house. His rules. Though I don’t condone the hitting on the mouth. You need to get your own place.

That’s not right, it’s your child you can stand up for her

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Oh fuck that. You touch my kid I’m throwing hands. A two year old should never be smacked in the mouth. Grandparents are allowed to do what you want. So you want to allow discipline awesome or not also okay if they don’t do it right. But physical abuse is never okay.