Do I have a right be upset if my ex doesn't invite our son to his wedding?

My child’s father is supposed to be getting married August 4th him and his fiancée have a daughter together, they just took their engagement pics and they had her in them but didn’t ask to have our son in them anyway he still hasn’t asked or said that he wants our child the day of their wedding. I know it’s not my place to ask but should I go ahead and ask him if he wants him that day or just leave it alone? And if he doesn’t end up inviting our son to his wedding do I have the right to be mad/upset about it?


Man this is hard one…Disappointed, sad, heartbroken for your son? Yes…mad nah? Your son should be mad but I have learned that your son will learn later in life (Not sure his age) that his dad aint shit. You just be there for your son when he needs you. No I would not push the issue because you will just be seen as the crazy baby momma. Dont even bother putting yourself in that position.

You have a right to feel however you want just make sure you dont express it to your son. I wouldn’t remind your ex that’s all on him.


You know what I think so…yes be upset…at both of them because that is his son I believe I would want my kids there no matter who gave birth to them and upset at her or if I was her I would be upset he hadn’t been asked to be there because that little boy just gained a 2nd mom someone he should be able to go to with anything same as you mom. It’s important to make a big family and to continue to co parent and co raise your children.


You don’t your son does


You have the right to be upset but theres probably alot more to the story maybe she doesnt feel like he belongs or her family doesnt look at the son that way and so on and it sucks really sucks when a step parent doesnt see a step child as family but it happens alot and unfortunately getting upset about it isnt worth while its their day and if they dont want him there thats on em but ur child will grow up to see and know this stuff already and it will hurt enough then no need to start expressing to him now unfortunately its not a battle id pick to fight tbh


So sad. My sister and I were in all of our dads and step moms wedding pictures. My step mom has always loved us like her own. I feel so sad for your son.

To answer your question, you have the right to be upset for your son. If it were me I wouldn’t say anything. That’s on him and if your son asks (you didn’t say how old he was) then you say well I wasn’t informed of anything. Don’t say anything bad about your ex but just say you didn’t know and he never said anything.

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I wouldn’t be mad but I would be hurt for my child. And my ex and I are on decent terms so I would just come out and ask. I feel I would want to know if she has an issue with the child. I would have a hard time knowing my child may visit his dad in a home where his step mom doesn’t want him there. If that is the case. My anxiety would drive me nuts so I would have to ask.


My father got married without me even knowing until quite awhile after. It hurts the child. Especially when there’s another child who gets to be involved. I wouldn’t ask. It’s not your place. Your son will realize how he is when he’s older. Right now just don’t mention it. He may not know anything about it. It’s not for you to open that can of worms with him. Just let dad dig his hole with your son for now.


I couldn’t IMAGINE getting married and not having my daughter there. She may not be my blood but she is family. Me and her dad have been together her whole life. I took care of her when she was a baby. And when we do get married she will definitely be there. And be apart of it.


I would feel so bad for my child. Since the other parent doesn’t care about their other child and they are showing it. It’s his loss! Let it go and make life special for your son.

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If your son is old enough, it’s btwn him & his dad. Otherwise he’ll see pictures in the future and wonder why he wasn’t in them.

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Don’t get involve and worst do not tell your son. Just wait. That’s up to them. You can be angry but it’s there weeding and it will be his loss if he doesn’t have him that they I guarantee he will regret it.

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U have every rite to b very mad and upset… it very roung on his part that is his son he should b a part of it every step of the way

Nope. My ex got married when both our kids and her kids were in school. Did I care?nope. That’s on him and explain to them one day. I dont care what he does

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This was my husbands opinion. “That is his son, and he should include him in it. I had 3 kids before I married my wife, and all 3 of them were involved in our wedding, and included in the day. That boy has every right to be a part of that, and if his father doesn’t ask for him to be there, then you do have every right to be upset about it. Just because he had a kid with someone else, doesn’t make your son any less important. I would say ask him if he wants him there, but be ready for whatever he says back. I dont know the guy…I dont know how he’ll react.”


Well I think it’s crazy that he wouldn’t want his little boy in his pictures or be at the wedding if her little girl was in them or gonna be there I would be very hurt and upset . That sure doesn’t look good on his fiancee to bit include her stepson I would think his dad would be asking questions …what u should be concerned about is how she will treat your son since she is leaving him out of this yes I would be ticked


I think it’s more to this story that’s not being told :woman_shrugging:t2:


You have a right to feel the way you feel, but don’t express that to your son. That’s still his father regardless of your anger or hurt.

Maybe having a conversation with your ex about how you feel would be constructive. Explain to him how you feel and why you feel that way. Then discuss his wedding day and whether or not he wants the son there. If he doesn’t, maybe ask him to explain his reasoning. It could be that his new soon to be wife doesn’t want your son there or it could be that he’s worried about trying to care for a young child on an already hectic day. Not saying that justifies leaving the son out in any way, but it then could be something you figure out together.

Your son may be hurt by not being a part of the wedding or he may not. If he is, support him and love him through it. But again, don’t talk down about your ex because that won’t help your son feel better.

Hang in there momma. Frustration is temporary.

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Don’t say anything. He should include your guys kid… but still don’t say anything, don’t show them that it bothers you. Just give your son a good excuse. He will understand it when he has his own mind.