Do I have a right to be mad at my husband?

Please post my husband is watching live p*** sneaking, hiding, and lying about it. I’m wondering if I am crazy for being pissed off about it, and I need help. And he’s gotten to the point where there is a period less than a month ago where he didn’t even want to touch me. We’re newlyweds. I have talked to him numerous times, so I have no how I feel about that whole entire situation. He doesn’t seem to get it. I need to know if I should just build a bridge and get over it or if I’m right and being mad not just for the lying.


Why did he marry you

Does it make you uncomfortable? Was it a boundary that you set and he overstepped it? In my opinion, if there is any interaction with another person (sexually or romantic) it’s cheating. There is plenty interactive porn and there is no reason for it.


Sounds like he would rather touch himself lol


I know this is probably tmi but here’s what I did when I was in your situation and talking did nothing. I started to “take care” of myself, didn’t hide the fact and made sure I no longer needed his services. Literally put the shoe on the other foot and the ball in his court about of sex life. It didn’t take him long to catch the hint then after a very long talk about it we were able to fix it and talk about things better


The first sentence got me. If its ok for him to do why is he hiding it and lying about it!? That means he feels guilty. As far as the activity goes, my hubby and I have watched it together and it opened a new chapter for us in our marriage/bedroom. I would talk to him about it and say that you know hes doing it and that something has to give in order for it to work. Good luck


Every relationship is different…sometimes there are some people that are not bothered by this and it works for them. However seeing as it does bother you…I would sit down and try to talk to him about it. See what’s going on, if something is bothering him, set your boundaries…compromise…whatever that will work for YOUR relationship. I personally dont mind the porn aspect…but like I said before it’s different for everyone, especially if its effecting your actual sex life…Talk to him girl…that’s the best thing you can do :slight_smile: building a bridge and getting over it is only gonna have you holding everything in and it later bursting out


It’s porn… I don’t understand why women throw a fit over this.
Men start watching porn at the age of like 12. You think they are just going to give it up over night?

Maybe there is soemthing not satisfying him anymore.
Anyways it’s better than him cheating.


Nope you have every single right to be mad


Yeah, I mean to me I think you have a right to be annoyed hell yeah. Now if he is giving you attention I would say no, because all guys watch porn, hell I even watch porn all the time lol but the fact that he’s not giving you any attention or affection and not sleeping with you but watching porn that’s weird. You guys are newlyweds too so that’s really strange cuz this should be the time where you’re all over each other in the honeymoon stage. I would be wondering what the hell is going on and I would be sitting down and having a talk with him and ask him why he don’t want to touch you but he’s watching porn like a horny 18 year old boy who hasn’t had any


Watching porn is one thing but lying, hiding things is another. If you guys have a healthy relationship then probably nothing to worry about but if not then there are some major problems. Live porn however seems like an overstep.


Live porn…ABSOLUTELY not cool!


Live porn. Fuck that, that’s cheating.

Its abt what each person is comfortable with. I will say if you have a issue now it wint just go away so deal with it right now .

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Sounds like he has an addiction, probably should look at it that way instead of being offended. It’s not about you if it’s an addiction and he needs help.


You need to try and get it through his head that THAT IS NOT OKAY and you won’t be sticking around if he can’t be happy enough with just one woman to himself. He needs to be given the ultimatum. You or the porn. He can’t have both. Watching porn creates absolutely toxic brain/mental patterns and tendencies and behavior. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, countless times. If he wants to keep you in his life, you need to make it clear that he will need to stop doing that all together and allow you to check or monitor his activity in some way so you can have proof. Once you’ve reached this point he no longer has the right to say “just trust me” so if he wants to make this work with you, he will have to understand that the porn needs to be removed from his life and you need to see proof of it.


Get out now. It will never change or go away or get better. Porn is usually an addiction. I lived with it and fought it for 15 years of my marriage. I’m sorry but it’s true


Him lying about it is a bigger issue for me.


I’d be mad about the lying. But given your feelings and reaction about him watching porn, I understand why he would lie. Let him watch porn when he wants and stop making it a big deal.


I promise you, there ARE men who don’t watch porn. If he wants to keep you as his wife and if he truly loves you and sees your full value, he will give it up. Now that doesn’t mean it will happen just like that. It will take time and will probably need to be addressed several different occasions for him to get completely on the same page but if he chooses you then he will make it happen.