Do I have a right to be mad at my mom for not coming out with us?

Posting anonymously because my grandma thinks everyone can see any post on Facebook, but anyway my family and I are in a disagreement because my mom said she’d rather watch the the big OU game on tv than go with my grandma, son and I to do some Christmas activities since we haven’t done anything at all yet this year. Now, normally it wouldn’t upset me, but she is CONSTANTLY watching tv, and the game is able to be recorded, and she “just doesn’t want to.” So I guess my question is, what reaction would y’all have to that? I personally feel like she is putting the stupid game in front of doing something special with her grandson so I am pretty mad at her.


Instead of being mad check on her mental well being
It’s been a tough year she may be stuck in her own head


Is she just making excuses because she’s worried about covid?


Get the fuck over it. If she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t want to go. She’s a grown ass woman and can make her own choices.

Reaction? Dont give her one. Dont invite her to do anything else and when she starts asking why she isnt invited tell her bc she made it apparent that tv is more important :woman_shrugging:


What kind of activities are you going to do? Maybe she is worried about covid? There are no activities to attend where I live because of covid.


I mean my husband got mad at me bc I wanted to watch the bama game on our honeymoon. We plan things around football in my family so I get where she’s coming from


Leave her alone and let the woman watch her football…


If she wants to stay home, let her. There’s no point in being upset over something so small. Go out and enjoy yourself.


umm if she doesn’t want to that’s her choice … I never get mad at my mom and grandma for not doing things with us…they do babysit for me tho but even when they didn’t I wouldn’t get mad lol if she’s around you and your kid a lot maybe she just wants a break …plus with COVID SHE has a better idea anyway unless you plan to just stay in the car …

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Maybe she is scared of getting out in the public due to covid… or maybe she is mentally exhausted and going through some depression… And does she normally watch sports?! If so maybe you should had made plans around the game that is important to her…


Maybe she has anxiety and doesn’t know how to help control it so best way is to avoid situations

Not everybody wants to do those things and she’s a grown woman. Very much entitled to make her own plans instead of going along with the crowd. Not like she’s doing something to get into trouble…

I think you’re being a little sensitive. Your son is your son, not your moms. Enjoy your day out with him and enjoy making your own memories with him. Maybe mom just doesn’t feel like going. I think it’s a little petty.


Seriously…maybe she had a tough week and wanted to relax…


I don’t do anything on Monday nights, Thursday nights and Sundays so my family knows not to even ask.


There have been times my mom has chosen to not be around at all including my daughter. Do I get mad? No absolutely not that’s a grown ass women who can do as she pleases. If your mom is choosing tv as opposed to spending time with her grandson let her. She’ll be the losing out in the end. I wouldn’t even stress it.

I understand wanting her to do things with your child but honestly if she doesn’t want to do something that’s her choice . On top of that, idk what kind of activities you had planned but maybe she doesn’t want to be in public… Because of the whole global pandemic thing.

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We never plan anything on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays because of football.
Like others said, maybe she’s going through a hard time right now, she may be depressed or anxious. Or she wants to stay in and be safe🤷‍♀️

I would never get mad at my mom for such a small reason. Seems like you want it your way or no way.