Do I have a right to be upset about what my partner did?

My partner and I have been together eight years, at the start he made silly mistakes while drunk by trying to kiss people but it never happened, he proved himself after that when his friend was begging him to go to a party thinking I was asleep and he said no coz he loves his family too much! Anyways things have been great; trust is great. He’s got a new job a few months now, and all he talks about is girls flirting, couples cheating, girls fancying him, ok, that’s fine. But tonight, he told me not thinking that a girl pinched his nipple and he pinched hers back, he doesn’t see a problem with that, but if someone did it to me, he wouldn’t be happy, an I wrong to give out to him for touching another girls boob, he thinks nothing of it and keeps changing the subject, I don’t want make a big deal of it but I’m so bloody angry please tell me I’m not overeating and it’s not right to touch a girls boob no matter if she did it first or not


Ya hell to the NO! That’s a terrible work environment


I mean I don’t think you should be outright angry. Sounds like it was with innocent intent. He probably did it back without even thinking of what he was doing. Just sit down with him and explain how you are not okay with it. That you appreciate him telling you what happened, but to please not physically touch another woman that way.


No one should be touching nipples. Male or female. His work environment sounds like a lawsuit in the making.


What the fuck he is getting away with more than that . He’s not telling you everything

:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:If it goes against the boundaries you set then he needs to address it! That’s a sexual touch and I can REASSURE you if he felt bold enough to touch her nipple at work this isn’t the first bout of flirting. He even feels comfy enough to touch another woman’s body! You are better than me he’d be bloody out of my bed and he’d be lucky if I didn’t throw him to the curb completely.


Yeah no. Sounds like some bullshit.

He’s got you so wrapped around his finger. See him for who he is.


Nope calmly talk about it but I would be livid

Girl I would be pissed :triumph: I would have a talk and tell him how you feel and if that don’t work my ass would be gone I don’t play if you have no trust u have nothing

That would be a no go for me. I get reactions but this is definitely crossing boundaries and what made her think she could get that close to him to begin with? Is he flirting at work?


You have every right to feel how you feel!! If it’s out of your boundaries then that’s just simply what it is. I would also be fuming and that’s definitely out of my relationship boundaries. It probably made the girl all giddy so it’s 100% wrong :sweat_smile:

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He would’ve gotten punched right in his damned nipple… then thrown out. :v: nope. Just nope.

The audacity of this guy :flushed:


Yeah not cool it could be innocent but then it could turn into something else

That’s sexual harassment they could both be fired for that behavior


I’d be angry as fuck.

Theres a reason people are comfortable talking to or about him like that/ act like that … just sayin


Literally ew.
You don’t put your hands on a female like that. Pinched her nipple? Wtf? That’s weird as fuck…

You can already tell where his head is at just by the topic of his conversations.

I’m a pretty laid back wife.
My husband has female friends. If he wants to message a friend about a subject they both like…
Go for it. I whole heatedly trust my man to not cross a line.
Your man… fucking flew over that line.
I would probably slap my husband across the face if he came at me with some shit like that.

I mean…could just be a reaction?