Do I have a right to be upset that I didn't get to see my daughter open her first present?

My parents watched our daughter when our work schedules overlapped the other day. We are first time parents. She is seven months old, and they gave her her Christmas present early, without letting us know they were going to do that. We missed her opening her first present. Is it wrong that I’m bothered by it? It isn’t even the fact that it wasn’t a gift from us that is upsetting. I’m very grateful and knew what they had gotten her, but it was the first time she got to open her own present.


Seems like not a big deal at that age , let grandparents love them extra ! Merry Christmas


Honestly, in a year you won’t even remember it. It’s not a big deal.

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Just know they had good intentions. I would be upset at first but over it quickly they are your parents and love your child :woman_shrugging:

I really wouldn’t think about it. She won’t remember it

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Wow and now the world is coming to an end!


You’re going to be hurt over so much more, sweetie. pace yourself.


Omg your kid won’t even remember this moment! Forget about it and share the moment with her on Christmas Day. :woman_shrugging:t3::joy::joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t3::roll_eyes: mannnnn you’re making a mountain out of a molehill


She probably didn’t open the gift herself, you didn’t miss anything


Uhm a right? Yes. But are you being dramatic? Also yes.


At 7 months not possible

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just be proud she got something


You have a right to feel however you want, but it’s not fair to be mad at them… Pick your battles… Plus christmas wasnt even fun with my daughter until she was 5…


Petty at finest. Be glad that your parents gave your child something at all. She is 7 month and won’t remember any of this. Your parents are good loving grandparents. Some Grandparents don’t give anything and don’t watch children


There will be plenty more to open.

Be thankful that your child has grandparents that want to be involved. Your LO will not even remember this Christmas, or probably even next. Get over it and be thankful that you have support

Brace yourself now for all the things your going to “miss” during your kids childhood. Believe me. There will be lots. Lots more important things than that. Missed my sons Christmas concert yesterday because of work, such is life :roll_eyes:


Your going to miss out on so many firsts! Don’t get caught up on what you miss…cherish what you are a part of :slight_smile: being there for her first Christmas is more memorable than watching her tear her first piece of coloured paper :slight_smile:

It is also maybe their first grandchild to see if their first grandchild open the gift they gave her when you give your daughter her first Christmas gift you will watch her open the first gift you gave her

It’s not even that serious

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