Do I have a right to be upset that my spouse purchased a car without asking me?

Does your spouse ask you before making big financial decisions? A little backstory, we have been married for ten years, he works, I stay home (which he constantly reminds me of), but we have four kids, and daycare wouldn’t be worth me getting a job, anyways he went out and purchased a 2021 dodge, Durango!!! It is fully loaded and about 700 more than our other car payment, and there was nothing even wrong with it… he didn’t even ask me or consult me, and he put around 5,000 down for it because our other car was still pretty new. Do I have a right to be upset or no because I do not technically work?


Yes, you have every right to be upset. He should have asked you before!!

Yes you do l, I stay home with the kids and hubby and I always consult together. Your married it’s 1 account


It’s very concerning that you’re asking this question. You’re his wife. You’re supposed to be his teammate, not some kind of slave. Yes! He absolutely should ask, and something is very wrong that he didn’t, but also made such a HUGE financial commitment.


I don’t work but we discuss all big purchases. We sit down and lay everything out if we can afford it, need it and so on. He even asked for my opinion when he bought his truck brand new and then if he should trade it for something else. Even when he bought my car i still asked his opinion since he was paying for it.


Girl heck yes you have a right to know what’s going on financially.

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I mean if he works it’s pretty much his money and he can do what he wants with it, as long as he can help pay for other expenses I don’t think you should be upset about it, I was with someone for 6 years and went and bought a car without consulting anyone because I worked for my own money so I did what I pleased with it


I’d be mad too. My husband stays home with the kids and I would NEVER make that decision without him. A purchase like that needs to be agreed upon, even if you don’t bring in an income. You are supposed to be his partner.


Is this a glitch in the matrix cause I swear I read this earlier.

Why would he make such a huge investment without consulting you?! Yes you definitely have a reason to be mad!!! I don’t work either but I take care of all of our finances and my husband would never do that whatsoever!!! He asks me before he even spends his own money!!! That is so irresponsible on his part!!!


You could be like…


Yes…BIG purchases should always be discussed in a relationship…living together or married. If you SHARE finances…definitely should have been a convo beforehand.

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I’ve been married 42 years and my spouse has always gotten vehicles without consulting me. I have always worked full time myself as an RN. It never bothered me


Speaking from a man’s point of view, he probably thought you’d love it! I say go with the flow and be grateful he didn’t bring home a gorilla!


I would say it’s up to him it’s his money. He has to handle the car note and insurance.


Yes you have a right to be mad. He should of discussed it with you. It would be one thing if it was a car for you and you’ve always wanted it and he surprised you with it. Still he should go over all big purchases with you. Your a team.

Everyone’s situation is different.

My husband was micromanaged in his first marriage by a stay at home wife. He used to run things by me like going to lunch with a coworker. Didn’t ask me about grabbing drinks after work with his team for months for fear of a freak out. I am very hands off like that but I can’t imagine a world where he’d buy a car without me. I bought our most recent car while he was out of state and was texting him the entire time going over the down payment and monthly payments, etc. It’s a team decision. We are united or we figure it out until we are.

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Ironically my husband is itching for a new vehicle. A very expensive one. And we just test drove it tonight. We buy nothing pricey/major without discussing it first.
He even bought me a new car for an anniversary gift one year, but took me to the dealer BEFORE signing anything!!!

If he can afford it & it doesn’t affect the other household needs I honestly wouldn’t care