Do I have a right to be upset that my spouse purchased a car without asking me?

I would be upset, stay at home parent is a job, you just don’t get paid for it. Your married it’s “OUR money”. My husband and I have an amount we can spend on “nonessentials” without talking about it ($100) anything over that we talk about

I stay home with our baby and my husband still calls it “our money” why? Because we BOTH agreed I’d stay home with our baby! And being a SAHM is 9/10 way harder than a 9-5.
With that being said you’re 100% right for being mad. Even if he bought it thinking it’s a surprise for you and that you’d love it, he should’ve at least casually mentioned “hey what if we get a new car” in my opinion.


Well, out of respect he should’ve discussed it with you, you’re his wife and partner. But if he thinks he can afford it without impacting any other expenses for you, the home, or the children then it is what it is.


LOL same situation literally ended my Dad’s marriage. I mean you’re supposed to be a team, right? Should have been discussed together before hand.

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Lol, I got bored one day and bought myself a new van. My husband said cool. When it was time for a new car I chose it. And got the Loan myself and he didn’t have a day.

Of course you have the right to be upset, and you are working, make him do what you do for a weekend and see if he ever reminds you that you don’t work again.

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My s.o did this too. We had talked about and agreed not to spend 7000$ on a vehicle. He went behind my back and did just that knowing id be pissed and say no. Didn’t even talk to me about it. But bcuz it was his taxes bcuz he was the one who worked all year. Even though I stayed home with our two littles. Yeah, same situation. I was pissed. Still am.

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My dad purchased a truck when my mom was visiting me… we laugh about it now but she was not amused :rofl:

My husband said your husband is a douche. :eyes:


Adam I’d be furious just so ya know

It’s all about RESPECT

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If its over $300 we discuss it first. Thats our rule.

You have every right it’s not like he went out to buy a watch ffs every desicion that big is always discussed. Your his wife/partner and that’s with all respect. I’d b fkn mad if that were me but because I’d love some new wheels id b bloody over the moon

Honestly…no…He worked for it and is the one making the payments. Why stress? My husband went out and got a brand new Toyota Tacoma one year and we both worked while I got a 2000 Jeep I paid in full for. He could make the payments on a new vehicle…I couldn’t so bought mine outright. He drove me around a lot in the new vehicle and took me on many road trips to great places in that truck. I never complained. Did updates on my Jeep and made it great to go back and forth to work in…I paid all the bills and for all the groceries and in return he took me anywhere I wanted to go in that truck. Loved it as much as he did. Sadly, when his dad got a divorce from his mom, his sister’s husband had a connection at the union hall to where kept him out of work for over 6 months,so it ended up going back. Would love for him to be able to get another brand new vehicle someday. Now I’m a stay at home mom no longer working and he still gives me money to spend and pays for me to go do things with the kids and get my hair done when want at a salon,which is usually once a year. Lol

A spouse/parent that likes to remind their partner that “gets” to stay home and parent shared children needs to get fucked/divorced/single

My man and I have a deal where as long as the kids and I and Bill’s are taken care of I don’t care what he does :woman_shrugging:

You don’t work outside the house. You don’t get paid per say for the many hats you wear… but you do work! I’d say he didn’t include you, because he knew you’d say exactly what you did in this post… and he didn’t want to hear it. I’m not saying he’s right. That’s how it comes across to me. :wink: Ps… I think I’d be bent. :thinking:


Oh hell no, I’m a sahm to but he won’t spend more the $100 bucks without talking to me. It’s called respect!


I didn’t ask my husband when I purchased my own truck, I’m not a stay at home mom though.

I’d be pissed. I’m a stay at home mom also. I guess it depends on who pays the bills and whether there is “extra” to cover the more expensive payment. I do the paying of the bills every month so I know, as well as telling my husband, where we’re at. Either way, we’ve discussed new or used car purchases together. When my RAV4 did the unexpected acceleration he was on board with me ditching it as soon as possible. I did a lot of travel between my house and my mom’s an hour and a half away at that time, and I needed a reliable vehicle. I was driving while he was car shopping for me. But we both knew what we could spend and I got an good in between car until we could determine what worked best for us. When we had our kiddo we knew we needed a different vehicle ( a year and a half after I got the in between). I was against a minivan and he was all for it. When I decided it was going to be a minivan. I went and did the test drive, we also agreed on a town and country. I didn’t want him in the vehicle with me pushing me towards. Found my van, got a deal working on that and the trade, took him to look at it with me. We bought it that day. But it was a joint decision.