Do I have a right to be upset with my childs father?

Do I have a right to be mad at my child’s father for lying to me and pretty much using me? So my child father lied to me about having his girlfriend around my child I had right to not wanting her around my child till I meet her and did a back ground check on her well Everytime he pick our child up he would say he wanted me back and love me and try kissing me and hug me and so on well I told him no bc he had a girlfriend well Everytime my child father got our child he would message me saying his girlfriend was talking shit about me and saying I was a bad mom and so on so I told him that I never want my child around his girlfriend and that if I find out he did or ever does he won’t be getting him back over night again well he said they broke up and was still trying to get back with me kiss up on me and say he loved me and week after he left the state for his job I was going to tell him i wanted to try to work it out again well come to find out he never broke up with his girlfriend and had her around our child after me asking him not to have her around our child bc of the fact that she was talking shit about me and calling me bad mom well she messaged me asking what me and my child father was talking about that they was still together and that she was around my child this whole time well he apparently lied to his sister and girlfriend that I was the one who was wanting to get back with him that I love him and kissing up on him and that I was talking shit about his girlfriend and so on and day after i found all that out I find out that his girlfriend had herpes and no one would tell me if she had type 1 or type 2 and If she ever kissed on my son with and out break so I messaged her asking her about it and said called me stupid for even wanting to get myself and my child test for it bc no one Will be honest with me about anything and my child father is getting mad and saying I’m over reacting and that I’m just using this as another excuse to not be with him bc I never loved him or wanted to be with him but I do love him and want to be with him but idk after all this so idk if I’m just over reacting or what? I’m sorry for the long post and also it’s probably all over the place. I’m just really upset and Idk what to do bc he’s acting like what he did was okay!


You cant dictate who is around your child, unless she is harming the child.


Please use full stops


You cannot control what the other parent does during their custodial time. If you restrict access of the child to the other parent you can be in contempt of court and possibly lose custody


You didn’t want your son to meet the gf until you did and checked her background (a bit much with the background check of you ask me) but he already did, it’s done
YOU still have not made arrangements to meet or and YOU still haven’t don’t the background check
You can’t take back their introduction because it’s already happened
Does dad get to control who you bring around the child?

This entire post sounds like a bitter ex (you) that wants her baby daddy back…


Drama much, only responding to the things that actually make sense. 1. you can’t control the other person’s household or choices unless the child is in danger and you have proof of such. 2. The herpes part, you should be aware of. The rest is just drama… Drop him and worry about your kid and only communicate about your kid unless otherwise needing to. Jeepers creepers… :woman_facepalming:t3:


Sounds like he is trying to play all of you. And who knows if what’s he says about his girlfriend is even true since he told her lies about you.


He’s treating you like that so he can come back and hit… or he’s trying to get you not to put him in child support… or trying to get you and the new gf to feud so you don’t tell on him. She probably hasn’t said shit about you.

Do a background ck that’s what I’m doing if it’s clean you have to but if not you gave problems in my situation it’s a person she met online and I’m doing everything to make sure my daughter is safe he could be a pedophiles or murderer so go the extra mile for your child

Leave. Walk away. Let him be the dad and move forward. He sounds like he is never gonna change.


Do you run background checks on every person around your child or just baby daddy’s GF’s?


Unfortunately you can’t do squat and even if she was a druggie social services would cattlecall
You for even asking them to check it out. Hugs. Avoid his drama if possible. That’s all you can do. The rest make you look bad even though your only trying to raise your child in a mentally and physically healthy place. People have different ideas of what’s right and now adays nobody will speak up until it’s too late and the. You’ll get blamed anyway. Keep records with dates of anything your worried about like a diary. Hugs

It doesn’t matter if you like her or not. You don’t get to decide that.


Bloody hell so much drama

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They both sound narcissistic :face_vomiting:

Train wreck! Hes a narcissist playing games with you and you’re playing and being stupid. If she has herpes and is sleeping with your ex stay the hell away from that nastiness. If you dont want your kid near her for legit reasons take it to court. Grow up and move on and please get some self respect. You can’t control who he has around your kid unless shes a threat.


That’s way too much drama


For one. Stop being creepy…you want to do a back ground check, do it.
Two, you want to get tested for herpes…do it.
You have the freedom to do both.
Sounds like drama and control issues to me, stop telling a grown man who you aren’t with what to do.
If he’s playing you both, you should probably tell her what he’s doing, then distance yourself to just contact about your son…if thats who your concerned about.
What she believes is on her. Let her deal with the mess if she chooses.
Your choosing to deal with the mess, if he’s lying to you about one thing, he could be lying about the rest.

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You can’t control what he does on his time. Move on. Too much drama. co parent and that’s it.


One word-Punctuation, for the love of God, use it!