Do I have a right to be upset with my inlaws?

Due to issues with my in-laws, my husband & I decided to cut them out because everything was so toxic for our family. We decided to give another chance, but once again, things are more important than our children. They are coming up to spend time with our four kids while I am being induced. Are we wrong for being upset that they offered to pay a sitter to watch our kids on the 23rd &24th instead of coming up because they want to spend their last Christmas in their house they sold? They haven’t seen our kids in over 3 yrs. Now they are saying that they are leaving at 7 am Christmas eve whether I have the baby or not. I’m being induced at 37 weeks due to several issues, with one being I have heart failure, and everything is more important to them than seeing and spending time with the kids.


On one hand I get where they are coming from BUT the second I knew your situation all plans would be dropped and it would be all hands on deck at that moment. That’s just my way of thinking though and I’ve been told I’m too nice.


Nope you have the right to be upset. Hell, my child is a devil child sometimes but even my mom wouldn’t miss a chance at seeing him if I asked … esp during something pretty important. Cant believe how some people act. So selfish.


They will realise what they have missed out on when their grandkids don’t know them and won’t want to spend anytime with them when they are old

I would tell them to piss off. They obviously don’t give a flying fig.


Find someone else if you can… that’s not a reliable sitter.


Get over it you can’t rely on pthers when you have kids you chose to get pregnant high risk or not that is for YOUR OWN CREATED family to deal with hun
Tell them not to bother coming at all and move on with your life


I think it’s shitty of them. But I know how you feel. I’m 22 weeks and my mom came to stay with me cause my cervix are short and I could go in labor. And she really isn’t helping me. I have to cook and everything. When I’m supposed to be on bed rest. So I don’t even know why she came

You shouldn’t have to force any one to see your kids. You don’t need them. Tell em to not bother coming


You have every right to be upset. However you cant force someone to make the children their priority. I would make other arrangements for the children while in the hospital, inform them their visit is not required if they are going to act like it puts them out so much and move on. They will regret it later.


Are you upset that they dont watch your kids or because they dont wanna spend time with them ?


Why would you want people who haven’t seen your kids in 3 years to keep them anyway?


Well… you guys cut them out, and they haven’t seen them in three years… so they are just supposed to drop all their plans, because this is important for you? i’m usually not mean, but this blows my mind. they even offered to pay for a baby sitter so they aren’t doing it to be hateful, they just want to spend their last christmas in their house with their family. If i were you, i’d take a step back and actually look at what you said.


I mean if they havent seen your kids in 3years why would you be ok with an all of a sudden 2 overnight with your kiddos?


If they haven’t seen your kids in 3 years why would you even want them to watch them while you have the baby? They don’t even know your kids anymore. Sometimes family isn’t always blood and you have to put your family first. Good luck with your induction :sparkling_heart:


Why would you want someone to watch your children that hasn’t seen them in 3 years??


Expectations are resentments waiting to happen. The moment you stop expecting people to act how you would act or do what you would do in a certain situation, you’ll stop getting your feelings hurt and being resentful bc people didn’t say or do what you wanted them to, or what you think they “should do.” What’s important to you, may not always be important to others, and that’s ok… but you have to stop expecting things just bc they’re your in laws. Parents can be pretty sh*tty and the sooner you accept that, the faster you can move on, and regain control over you’re own happiness


I think you’re being a little sensitive.


They’re not interested then or now!!

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Selfish people your in laws.