Do I have a right to keep my son from my dad?

I have a question about custody during the quarantine, do you think the dad can take his rights and enforce them during quarantine? I have quit my job as an essential worker and have stopped leaving the house. He and his girlfriend are essential workers, hotels, and liquor stores. Do I have the right to keep my child away?


I’d say yes. Keep your children safe!

I don’t belive so they have the right to try and provide a safe home also

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I don’t think so, but maybe try discussing your concerns?


No it would be contempt…


From what I was told no u still have to follow custody agreement. But that could vary from state to state.

No, you don’t. Unless you have proof he and his girlfriend are exposed.

Absolutely not. You would be in contempt of court. Custody exchanges are deemed “essential”


No you don’t have a right. You must still adhere to your court order.

You would be better off speaking with your child’s father and coming to an agreement together. If you have a court ordered custody arrangement and he wants to see his child during his time, you have to allow it or you will be in contempt of court.


In my state they are enforcing custody agreements but it may differ by state


You must still follow your custodial agreement or you will be held in contempt.

No you do not. It is still considered custodial interference.

No you are still obligated to follow court orders

If there is a specific court order in place, no. You have to follow the custody agreement. But he has to follow it as well.

In what country is a liquor store an essential, that’s fucking stuuuupid…

No I don’t believe so, the quarantine where I’m at specifically says on the order you have to meet for custody/visitation encounters.

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Would you allow dad to not return the child after his scheduled visitation? Can we not use compassion and common sense to answer our own questions anymore?


No…although will everything going on you have a fighting chance as thr courts will understand
But i would def be trying to do facetime with dad as much as possible ! If dad refuses you really have a good case

if you have a court order, then he has to see him. if not then yes you technically can keep him from his dad. but imagine if you were in opposite situations and he tried keeping him away from you. just make sure he’s taking all the precautions to keep your son safe

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