Do I have the right to be upset that my fiance didn't tell me where our child was?

Okay, so I need to rant real quick. Idk if it’s just me being dramatic or a “helicopter mom” but today and my fiancé left our kid with her grandparents for the day, when I texted to check up on her, I was told that they were in the car on their way out of town. I didn’t mention anything about them NOT telling me beforehand. Well, when they dropped her off I forgot to mention it, as she was supposed to be going over there this weekend too I texted my fiancé’s mom and said: “next time y’all have her if y’all could please let me know before y’all go out of town that would be amazing.” Well, my fiancé’s dad calls me cussing me out, saying, “what the f*ck was that text about?” I said I need to know where my kid is, all I’m asking is you tell me before you go out of town. He went off on me saying how they were the grandparents and that he didn’t realize that they had to tell me everything they were doing with hazel. Then when I told him that I was the PARENT and that I need to know where my kid is because literally, anything could happen, he starts yelling at me saying that “You are living in MY HOUSE and engaged to MY SON and you have the audacity to tell us what we can and can’t do with OUR granddaughter” I told him I would gladly leave if that was going to be his attitude about it. Well, he said, “from now on, don’t ask us for help with her and she won’t be staying here anymore. They have their own apartment, they own the house we live in, but my fiancé pays all the bills.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know where your child is, but you could have at least been respectful about it.


Wow. He’s a POS and you have every right to know where your kid is. If your man doesn’t handle his dad do not let them watch baby again!!


This man clearly has no clue what a mom feels in her heart for her baby. Mine are grown and I still want to know that they get home safe etc… Your fiance should set his dad straight and he needs to apologize to you.


Oh hell no. That is YOUR CHILD. You make the rules and set the boundaries, not the grandparents! If they can’t respect your wishes as a mother then bye! Anyone who holds what they do for you over your head is not the type of person you want around, that is a control move. Do not back down, ever, or it will get worse.


What an ass. Went a bit over board with his rant. Is the child his biological


Nope nope nope, I’d snap!! U have EVERY right too, they are your kids NOT theirs. Why do grandparents think they can just do as they please!?!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I mean I get it. I leave my daughter with my sister from time to time. Is going out of town hours away. My sister lives in a small town they are always coming to the next town over to go shopping and what not. About an hr away. But to fully take her away yeah i would want to know. I trust my sister and mom and whoever else I leave with my child that means to have her in the car as well. Depending on how it is. Because I trust my sister to take my daughter an hr away to go shopping or whatever she needs to do but to take her somewhere else would totally bug me. And I would say something. So it honestly depends on the situation to me.

The whole lot of them seem unstable. I wish my man would text me that, wtf was that text shit.

That was the worst written post. Grammar and punctuation would help.


The Father of my Children have to/must tell me where my Children are AT ALL TIMES… Grandparents are no different… He seems a bit entitled to me and I will pray for your MIL I could only image what she has to deal with…

Okay so what if an accident happened? What if they got into a car accident what if for any reason they had to rush her to a hospital. Obviously going out of town wasn’t an issue but just sending a simple text hey were taking her with us here or something would of been just fine. You weren’t making a big deal out of something so little cause by any means Imma do the same thing accidents happen anywhere. Human trafficking is at an all time high. There’s always a what if factor in my head with my child.

My parents even ask me if they can take them to the store when they are watching my boys .
They will not leave their house with my boys without checking with me first .
It’s just respect

Deal with your fiance not his parents.


Wow… hes an asshole!! You have a right to know where your kid is! …


To begin with your husband or fiance should have told you. You don’t even know if they were aware about you not knowing. Sounds like you probably bug them too much so they have had enough. Yes you have the right to know. You should have been told where she was and even have had a say on if she had permission on going but your fiance left you out so looks like the problem is with him not your in laws.


Well, your right, you have the right to know what & where your kid is. I would put a kibosh on their services (babysitting /visiting) that way, they are not being "inconvenience " in having to tell you anything. And if they have a separate apartment, you don’t have to be friendly with your neighbours, there is NO rules, just be pleasant. If they keep harassing you, move out. With or without bf.


I would have been furious honestly.

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First…your fiancée should have respected you and told you what was going on. Second- the grandparents should respect you as well and ask permission to take your child somewhere for an extended period of time. Third - there are ways to say things that can get the point across better. I personally would have called vs text. Texting can be taken a different way than perhaps you intend it to be. Fifth - they should have apologized for what they did.

Communication is key in any relationship. At the end of the day, the child is the most important. A parent should know where their child is. Grandparents should respect the parents. And the parents should also respect the grandparents. What will the child learn from this situation?


Your issue should have been with your fiancé who left child with them. Nothing wrong with asking them asking where they are but there is probably a better way of asking.

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