Do I have to change my last name once we divorce?

I am currently separated and in the process of divorce from my second husband. We do not have any kids together, but each has some from our first marriages. We were together for over 12 years & married for over 10. He wants me to change my last name once the divorce is final. I would rather not as I don’t want the hassle of changing it on all official documents (bank/work/insurance/house/etc.). My question is, do I have to since my reason for not wanting to is primarily selfish?


Nope. Not at all. It’s legally yours.

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I kept my ex husbands last name even after I was remarried for almost 2yrs until I had my daughter.

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nope its up to you. If you want to keep it he cant do anything about it.

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No you don’t have to do that at all. Tell him to change his if he has a issue with it


You do not have to. There is no law or anything saying it is a requirement. Selfish or not, it’s your choice and you don’t owe your ex anything.


It’s not his decision to make. It’s legally ur name.


No, it’s your decision.

Nope! I kept my exs last name just to pass him off. Haha

its ur name now up to you if u change it or not x

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You do not have to change it unless you want to

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I kept my ex-husbands last name up until I married my current husband . If I wouldn’t have never met my now husband I would have went back to my maiden name. Its just me though . If you want to keep it then go for it . Do what makes you happy :slight_smile:

Nope it’s legally your name.

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Tell him to pay you $50,000 to do it.


They give you the option if you wanna change it or not I just divorced my husband and they gave me the option to keep his last name or get my maiden name back and they will have it in the papers on whatever you decide to do for the judge to see

No it will ask you on divorce/court papers if you want to or not

My husband was married prior to me and that’s all he asked for in the divorce. His last name back. The courts granted it. It was in the court order that she had 90 days to change it.


My mother divorced my dad 3 years ago and she continued to have his last name till she passed 9 days ago. They were married for over 40 years

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No you don’t have to.

Its a pain in the a**…with the SS offices not open…its next to impossible to get it done now…recently divorce myself…so been there…and tried