Do I have to let my partner back in my house?

So I have a question. If my lease was up two years ago, and I never signed a new one, and I have been the one constantly paying rent for the past 5-6 months, and I can prove it, do I have to let my partner back in the house because he was on the original lease? Or am I able to kick him out?


It’s his place of residence lease or not

I think it depends on where you live. In Indiana, you have to give a 30 day notice if a person can prove that they are receiving mail at the residence. You could go ahead and sign a new lease without the partner.


If he receives mail he has thirty days witch you now have to go through the sheriffs depart and courts to get the right paperwork … I just went through this but I’m in was state

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It depends on what state and if u are married or not

Ask your local sheriff dept or your property owner!!

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Please contact your landlord and explain the situation. They should be able to but you only on the new lease. I do this stuff for a living.
Contact your landlord and request a lease renewal ASAP. The security deposit will be the only possible speedbump.


I would say it depends on where you are at. Where I’m at, we both sign the lease each year. If one of us didn’t then they would be off of it. In the same state, the company that rents to his parents automatically goes to a month to month basis each month after a year with no signatures required. In that case they would assume both people were living there that whole time regardless of who is “paying”. For all they know, it’s your agreement one pays rent and one pays everything else. I would talk to your landlord. For most of the time I’ve been living at my apartment, we’ve been paying through my boyfriends account (until we made it a joint) & he wouldn’t have been able to kick me out even though it looked like he was making most of the payments. (We deposited money to each other’s accounts for bills).

If ur in ny state if your lease ran out then you become a month to month tenant. And there is no lease to the original lease is with that being said if he receives mail at that address then that would legally make it his residence. So what I would do is ask the landlord to renew your lease with only you on it and if he gets mail there return to sender. If you have him come back and he is there for 30 days and recieves mail then the only way to have him removed is by eviction

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Depends… I was dumb and let my ex stay with me for a week. When he refused to leave, I called the police. In the state of Kansas, if they’ve been there for 3 days or more then you have to go through the eviction process. There was nothing the police could do to assist me, even though he had never been on the lease

Tell him you want him gone. Be an adult.

I think everything depends on what state and other stuff. Like on the lease was he the main lease holder? And you were co applicate, how long has he been gone for, is his stuff there and mail still going there?. I would talk to your landlord and a lawyer, every situation is different and every state has different laws.

They are a resident, it doesn’t matter if they are on the lease or not. You have to evict them.

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Contact your landlord.

Every state has different laws, I suggest contacting your landlord about a new lease without the guy on it, so he has no legal claim to the place. In general though you do not have to let him back in if he has been gone a significant amount of time.

In texas you have to go to the court and file for eviction

Sign a new lease without him, then he doesn’t have a leg to stand on

Depending on where you live I’d say sign a new lease… and in most places you yourself have to legally evict them. If he has mail sent to your house and has for sometime it’s his legal residence

If a year lease expires, and then goes to a month to month tenancy ( which is how most year leases work) then anything stated in the lease is the same. But every state has different landlord/ tenant laws as well.

Sign a new lease by yourself. Then legally evict him.