Do I need my husbands permission to get my tubes tied?

Please post anonymously when you have the chance, thank you. Moms, I need advice, please? I have three children, six-year-old two-year-old and a ten-month-old id like to get my tubes tied because I know I’m done having kids and a %10000 sure of it. But my husband is giving me a hard time about him not wanting me to. My question is, do the doctors need husbands okay for this? I’m in NY if that helps… Thanks in advance.


No your body your say ! Xx


Your body, your choice 🤷


I don’t think you would need someone else’s permission on what you should do with your body… and if you do then that’s ridiculous, I think it’s good to consult your husband on what you’re wanting to do, but ultimately it’s your choice and up to you


Yes. My doc had to :confused:


I’m in Ny & they didn’t ask my husband. However maybe ask him why he doesn’t want you to?

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No, it’s your body. But make sure your really sure.

Check with New York State Law

No you sign the paper

I’m in Texas and my daughter is 9 months, my husband had to agree and sign with me.

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Depends on where you live.

Different states have different laws. Sadly, in a lot of areas, you have to have your husbands permission.

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If he don’t want you to get your tubes tied than have him get fixed or sit down and have a talk with him and see what his reasoning are for why he doesn’t want this

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I didnt when I had mine tied

No if you dont want no more kids then have your tubes tied .i had mine tied after my 2 daughter .

My husband had to sign, and I was 31 with 2 kids and complicated pregnancy the 2nd go around, made me feel like it was his body instead of mine , but he signed for it and I had them tied

Depends on the doctor. Some have their own rules. A friend of mine can’t get hers done because she only has 2 kids and she isn’t over 30.

My sister lives in NY state too. She had to have her husband sign the form before their insurance would pay for it. So I guess if you have the money to cover the surgery without insurance you wont need his permission.

Is this a real question??? Did I miss something in my marriage vows about how my husband will decide when I’m done having kids???


It’s sad that it’s 2020 and women still can’t control what happens to their own bodies :woman_facepalming: