Do I need permission to change my daughters last name?

Do I need to get permission to change my daughter’s last name to mine/my husband’s last name? She was born before we got married, and she got my last name, but I’m married now with a new baby and haven’t changed my last name yet because I don’t wanna make her feel left out of the family. I’m probably just gonna hyphenate, so I have both last names buy is there any way I can just give her his last name since she has my last name anyway? I live in Utah.


I think you would probably need the dads permission!

You will have to file in court and both you and the father will go in front of the judge ans they will ask both of you and then make a decision

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Is the father your husband? If not the father will have to sign off on it.


My husband had to adopt her and bioparent had to sign over rights but im in pa


If she has a different father, then yes I think you will have to get permission. Also how old is she? If she’s not a baby/toddler, I wouldn’t even bother trying to change her last name.

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I changed my daughters last name in 96. At that time I was legally allowed to change her name because I had full custody. But my then husband could not adopt because real father was on the live birth certificate. I am sure there has been some changes since then

You should be able to I would call someone like a court or even the hospital and ask how you would go about it, I’m located in utah too.

He needs to adopt at least that’s what I did

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It depends on your state but most the time the rule is both parents must agree to the name change unless parent gave up custody


If he isn’t her bio dad, you will need to petition the courts for the name change. Bio father might have to sign off on it depending on the laws in your area. My oldest has his father last name and he is 18. It really hasn’t been an issue. Even with my last name being my husbands and his 2 siblings. Try not to think to far into it.


If it was within 90 days of birth you can call the hospital and tell them there was an error. If longer then you have to file with the courts to change the child’s name. If the child isn’t your husbands then it will make the process harder, you usually will have to take the father to court and have him agree to the change.

We did it when my son was 4. We got married, and I applied for a birth certificate amendment to change his last name. We both had to sign saying he was his father, and that we agreed. Simple. New birth certificate was mailed a few weeks later. Changing his name at school was a pain though, they still had the old last name on file for years!

All you had to say is Utah. It seems you are hung up on what others might think or say, you have a new husband and baby I get it you want to go places and blend in you don’t want the awkward questions when she gets older You didn’t mention if the Bio Dad was in the picture either


Does her father have legal rights to her? Cause that will be a determining factor

State may require paternity test since the child was born out of wedlock. But yes it can be done

No file and he will have to defend why you shouldn’t. If he does show its done. I did it.

Baby. If. You. Don’t. Have. Dads. Last. Name. On. It. Get. Birth. Cirtificate. Fill. Out. Put. His. Name. In. Fathers. Name. My. Son. And. Daughter. In. Law. Did.

We did my grandson in CA, we went to the online Courthouse filled in the docs, ran it in the paper 3 weeks in a row, had in served, his grandpa showed up but judge granted anyway.

Is her dad on the birth certificate? Then yes you need his permission.