Do I need permission to change my daughters last name?

You should be able to have him sign an acknowledge of paternity
Then re-apply for.a new birth certificate after signing and then ssn card.

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You’ll need his & a judges permission. If he agrees & nobody comes forward to say you’re doing it for illegal reasons the judge is going to sign off on it. It will cost you. Personally id hyphenate your & all your kids names. He can hyphenate his to match if he wishes. The tradition of a woman having to change to her husband’s name is to show ownership. Show equality by creating your own family name.


In Georgia, changing your name is cumbersome. For my daughter, who I initially had full custody over, to change her last name (even with a judges order that I had sole custody) I would have to post in the paper for several weeks and it go uncontested plus pay fees. The same goes for my husband just to add Senior to his name since we’ve had a son and named him a junior on his birth certificate. Good luck.

Yeah for me I had to have his dad’s signature. Well that was impossible so left it until he was 18. His name was hyphenated but didn’t matter.

My daughter got two middle names one my grandmother’s and one my mom’s and mine and then her daughter got her first name a middle name and both last names is her legal name it’s cool to do that

I believe so…but that’s if the father is noted on the birth certificate and he’s involved and such.

me an my so aren’t married and our daughter is 10 months old
She has his last name I wrote it on the birth certificate

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My friends daughter gave her son her grandmas last name. Her dad was out of the picture, mom had her exes last name girl didnt want that name as the stepdad molested her. So her son has g-mas last name.

Where i live if hes not on the birth certificate. He has no rights. He basically doesn’t exist unless hes on the birth certificate.

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He would have to adopt child in order for child to take his last name. In wisconsin the biological father has to have had no attempt at contact ( visits phone calls or letters) for a full year before it would be granted

yes i did her father did not want to we chased him down one day litterly and my daughter yelled out the window drop dead needless to say he signed

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Yes go to the courthouse

I’m sure it has to go through courts. They issue a new birth certificate or court order . Then you do SS and all other places

Let me just say, if your child is old enough to be used to her current last name, this is a discussion you need to have with your child before you just do it. I had my mother’s maiden name until I was 11 or 12. My mom was in Court for some stuff and had my last name changed to my step dads last name with no mention to me before hand. I hated it and wanted it changed back. It did not help that he was the worst kind of person. He beat my mom, abused my brother (his son) drank, did drugs and smoked. He never abused me because the one time he raised his hand to me I told him if he did I would tell my grandfather and he was afraid of my grandfather. My point is, the name change affects your child so consider the child and talk to them first before you do it. I was stuck with that loosers last name until I married at 20. They have been divorced for years and she remarried before I got married and still I was stuck with the loosers last name.


Contact the health department where you live as they hold the official birth records and issue the certificates. There are some instances you can change the name without needing a court order. If dad is on the birth certificate or signed a paternity affidavit when the child was born I imagine you could change it. Otherwise you would need a court order to change a name.

why dont you people seek legal opinions instead of laymens views?

I believe you can petition the court. It’s usually simple process if everyone is in agreement

All you have to do is get a lawyer, he will draw up the papers. It will be posted in the paper to make sure she has no debts. It takes a few week and you will get the paper with her new name. Changed my sons last son was 4 at the time and had no debts but it has to be posted just incase. There is a fee.