Do I need to file for custody if there are is no dad on the birth certificate?

Please post anonymously. I have a daughter, and She is 3. There’s no dad on the bc, nor is there a dad in any way. But do I need to file for custody even if he’s not there? Or does it even matter? Idaho is the state I’m in if it makes a difference. And if I do go to file for custody, what happens then?


As long as you don’t think the Dad will randomly pop up and ask for custody, I don’t think you should worry.

You’re the child’s mother, why would you need to file for custody if you’re the only parent?


Does the father know he’s the father?


What’s the reason for no father’s name on the BC ?

if it’s your kid and there’s “no dad” you would not have to file for custody of your own child. Now, if a dad miraculously appears, and wants to fight you—you’ll have to. Or, let’s say you apply for state assistance on this kid—then you HAVE to name a father for them to go after…or you won’t get the assistance. So, work, don’t apply for benefits, and it will be ok, unless someone tips him off


No. You are the only parent. You already have custody

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Na i wouldnt worry bout it. If he isnt on the bc then dont worry ur self. Just enjoy ur time with ur 3 year old

I don’t have anyone listed on my daughter’s birth certificate as the father and I’ve never had any problems. I didn’t file for custody. I figured I have full custody, because it’s been me since day one of the pregnancy.

Mothers have primary custody unlessed married to father or court says otherwise

No dad on bc, no you dont need to file for custody

  1. I would file for custody regardless. In EVERY STATE, a parent has 50/50 custody of the child. Should he pop up, you have complete control.
  2. As for him not being on the BC, I’m not sure how that goes…

Still. File for complete full custody. If you know the father, then courts will put a public notice in the paper for him to step up or he will lose all rights.



No, you dont need to file for anything. Unless the father files against you then you have full legal and physical custody, forever.

I live in Idaho. If he takes off with the kid and he not on bc then he can get charged with kidnapping but state of idaho you do not need a father on bc unless you are wanting child support. And you have full custody of your daughter he has zero right to her. Sharla Maree in Idaho if you think is best to keep father away and him not on birth certificate he has zero rights to the child unless you want him to be she does not need to file for custody because she has all rights to the kid he has none

If you have the child why would you need to file for custody? If there is a man that knows he’s the dad he could come and get DNA then get rights to said child. If you’re just being vindictive and keeping the kid away then it’s a whole other story. Is there no further details on this? It would help receive a better answer I’m sure.

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I live in Idaho and didn’t have to do anything. No dad on birth certificate and my sons 4 no issues

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Filing for custody, they would establish paternity first … that could prompt the father to get involved


You can always get free legal advice from a lawyer. Some lawyers don’t charge for giving out advice.

My x isn’t on bc for my daughter because he challenged paternity after leaving me when I was pregnant. It came back that there was one trillionth of a chance that she was not his, left bc because it was forty dollars to fix and I don’t feel the need he doesn’t know her anyway.

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