Do I need to know my daughters blood type?

Asking out of curiosity. When my daughter was born they never said anything about what blood type she was or anything. My mom had told me that she only knew my blood type because it was done at the hospital after birth. I have asked my daughter doctor if they can do it and they said there’s no need to know. But I’m just curious, does anyone know a place that will get a blood testing done on a toddler?


It should be in her medical record from birth.


Call a hematologist. But they do have a point, there really isn’t a reason to know right now. Even though I know both my sons blood types when it came to needing a blood transfusion they will still test their blood first before giving blood.

Idk what type my kids are :rofl: hell I barely even remember what I am!


I didn’t know my blood type until I joined the Army. Then when I had my daughter on base she happened to have my same blood type. That’s how I found out hers.

I don’t even know my own blood type much less my child’s to be honest :joy:

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There really isn’t a need to know. I know most of us are curious. Should she ever need to have a transfusion, they lab would draw and type her at that time.

A health department should do it me personally I think it’s important to know your kids blood type

Family doctor would know

I know all 3 of my kids blood type because I have to because I’m rh negative


My daughters was in her medical records from birth.

Go to another Doctor.

It should’ve said on her discharge papers, no?
That’s how I knew mine and hers were different

It might cost about 300 but it’s worth it.

You should know. I had to press the issue with my boys. All 3 had dad’s type not mine

I was always told it’s super important to know your blood type and Social Insurance Number (im in Canada) so it’s weird to me that I’ve asked the hospital when he was born and our family doctor a few times about his blood type and I never get an answer

It wouldn’t matter they have to type snd cross everytime if anything were to ever happen can’t just take your word for it

I didn’t know my blood type until i got pregnant. I can’t tell you what my daughters blood types are

How didn’t they tell you? After I gave birth to my kids they let me know. It’s important to know in case of a medical emergency. I had to get a shot after I gave birth because I’m 0 negative and my kids are positive and it’s no good to mix blood.

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A family doctor would not know. If youve had surgery, donated blood, or had a kid Is usually the only time you get typed.

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