Do kids letter in highschool anymore?

Do kids letter any more in HS? I did back in my day, but it doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore. Or is it just where I am?


my oldest daughter lettered in Academics… my son lettered in Soccer and Tennis :slight_smile: he graduates this year :slight_smile:

My daughter just got her 3rd year letter last night

Like letter jackets?

My girls all lettered in various things, and had letter jackets. Last one graduated 2 yrs ago

Letter?? What is that

I lettered in drama at my school I graduated in 2018 though

I graduated in 2010 we never did

I lettered and graduated in 2015

I was a 4 letter varsity swimmer in 2010.
My brother lettered in Dive team and in Team Mascot.

Our school still does for sports, band and even things like debate

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What does this mean?


Our school does in Oklahoma

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Depends on the school.

They do in our local high school now.

I lettered in a few things in high school. It’s still a thing. There’s certain requirements to meet in order to get a letter and not many students meet the requirements so it seems like a dying thing.

Yes! My daughter is working on her second letter for Varsity Cheer. If you make anything varsity, you letter. Band and a few others letters as well.

I graduated in 2014 and we lettered

They still letter in sports, band, and academics at our district in Ohio

My daughter lettered in soccer and track 2 years ago.