Do kids need life insurance policies?

Do you have life insurance policies for your children? I’ve been considering getting one for each of my children through Gerber Life, since it doubles at 18, and the payment stays the same. But I don’t know which one to get. Do they really need a $35,000 life insurance policy? What even is a life insurance policy? I feel like I’m paying into something in case they die, and I need funeral expenses. What are the pros and cons? Which company do you go through for your policy?


My life insurance policy covers my son also and covers him for serious illness.
Hopefully it never needs to be used but I got it because god forbid there was an accident or serious illness and he needed me to pay for anything or to modify the house then I don’t have to worry. I’m in the UK though so not really sure how it works in other countries.

Mine have globe life and Gerber it helps with funeral cost yes… its good to be proactive funerals are expensive

My husband and I have LI on the whole family. their plan can grown with them. They can take it into adult hood and pay very little for it or cash it out when they turn 18.

I could never get a life insurance policy on my kids. For me yes.

I have a rider on my life insurance policy (state farm) that pays $10,000 if something happens to one of my kids. Good till age 25. I feel it’s worth it after the almost $9000 bill when my dad passed away 3 years ago. While I don’t want anything to happen, the small amount I pay is worth the peace of mind to me. I pay a little over $40/month for myself and my 3 of my kids (one is over 25).

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All three of my kids have life insurance policies. You never know what can happen.


I would say absolutely. My son has a heart defect and my insurance agent told me had i not gotten him insurance as a kid no one else would have insured him. However i believe that has changed now that was years ago but with laws always changing better safe than sorry never know what may come up. And my grandfather got insurance for my mom and had he not she may not have been able to afford it as she was terminally ill the ladt two years of her life. Its just really a safe bet to get it

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Life insurance is to cover death expenses and anything else you may need it for such as time off of work. I have policies on my kids and it’s good to have because sometimes things happen in life that make them uninsurable when they are adults. The policies I have for them are small but once they are 18 they can be upped. Definitely worth it because you never know what can happen.

I have the Gerber plan for both of my boys, but I can’t remember how much it’s for. I def feel it’s worth it tho! Esp only costing me less then $20 a month

Yes, never know what may happen.

I have Gerber Life on 6 grands. Bought each one a $10,000 policy when they were born. I pay $69.96 a year on each.

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It’s sad to think like this but…my nephew passed and we didnt have life insurance and the price of everything on top of grieve is hard as hell.

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All 3 of mine have Gerber life insurance policies since right after they were born… you never know whats going to happen, although everyone hopes to never have to use them, its better to have them and not use them, than not have them and need them…
It covers funeral costs, and the extra basically would cover whatever you need it to (bills while you are out of work, etc).

My “dad” took a life insurance policy out on me when I was baby because I was born poorly and he thought I would die, he obviously canceled it pretty quick, it was supposed to pay out when I turned 16 if I didn’t die, I received a letter over a year ago saying the company he used was looking for me, over this life insurance policy, they sent me a check for less than £80, it probably would of cost them more than that to find me

My parents got GL on my son as soon as he was born. Ya just never know :cry:

We have a $10,000 one on all 6 of our kids. I hope that we never have to use it. That said, things happen & funerals are expensive

My dad got Gerber Life for my daughter and nephews when they were born

Better to be safe than sorry, especially if it’s at a good rate. Funerals are more expensive than people know… :disappointed:

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pros, obviously…. are in the event of something bad happening, you won’t have to scramble for funds for burial, etc. Cons? You may never use it, and consider yourself blessed. Same for any other kind of insurance


Yes you need too
Never know what could happen.

Yeah funerals are expensive. If something were to happen would you have like $10000 for everything? Depending on the policy when they get old enough and it transfers to them they can borrow against it.

I have policies on my children and grandchildren. The lose itself would be great but why add financial hardship on top of it if you don’t have to.

My husband, myself and our three kids all have life insurance.

You can buy small whole life policies that your kids can cash out later OR you can choose to hold onto for just-in-case purposes.

Yea…i have gerber and globe…globe is cheaper

I didn’t see any of the real pros to gerber life in these comments. It can be payable to the child once the child hits a certain age, typically a small amount at 18 or a larger amount at 21. I have grandbabies and always forget to do this for them but it’s good starting out/college money.

We have the gerber on all 4 grandchildren

I have on my two grandkids with each other as beneficiary and on my whole crew too

A person passing away is an expensive affair, with or without an actual funeral service…
Pros.- if something should ever happen your financially covered.

  • the sooner a person gets a life insurance policy usually the cheaper it is.
    it’s another monthly bill. . . ( still worth it)

We added the kids on to my hubby’s policy, so it covers burial expenses basically. $10k per kid for only like $1 more a month on his policy. I hope I don’t need it, but for that small amount why not? I have many friends who have had to bury a child and funeral costs can be so high!

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It’s best to buy it early on so that it’s cheaper and can be converted when they are adults, and increased. As they get older, they get diagnosis that can be bad for coverage.

I have 10k on each of my 5 children. I got it through work, and it only cost me like $6 a month total.

There is a lot more to it than people think. It is very important, myself and all my kids have policies. I work for a insurance company if u would like to discuss I can explain policies and the benefits and answer your questions for you. Just pm me and I can call u Monday.

You pay into a life insurance policy forever. Then when the child does it pays their beneficiaries. Honestly you could do better with a savings account.

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Lost my son in January, fortunately he had a small policy that covered all his final expenses. Which was a blessing, there were 0 worries about who and how anything should be paid. In the worst time in your life, you don’t want to worry about money.


Our insurance has a part for if something were to happen.

I have the gerber plan for our 4 yr old n it might sound morbid but it would come in handy if they did pass

We bought whole life policies for each of our boys when they were born. If the worst should happen, the funeral costs are covered, and depending on the amount also a bit to cover regular bills while you are off work handling the arrangements. If it is never needed, it can be cashed out, borrowed against, or given to them and added to their own insurance holdings. I have the policy my parents purchased for me when I was small.

It’s a good idea to get it incase they want it in the future but develop health problems along the way and are denied.

My kids are included in my policy but that’s just standard practice with the company I’m with

We added our kids into our life insurance plan. We get 15k if a child were to pass. I wouldn’t do gerber though


Yrs ago my grandson died from sids at 5 mths. Really expensive. Our next grandson is on gerber thru us. Tragedy could happen anytime.

State Farm Life Insurance :blush: I sell it and have 25k policies in place for my 3 kids. When they are 21 the policy becomes theirs and it will have an accumulated cash value for them to use as well.


Yes, buy whole life policies for your children because they will build up dividends over time and when they become adults you can give them money from the policy for college, or whatever. It’s very inexpensive while they are young. Buy as much as you can afford because you never know if the child at some time will become uninsurable. (Hopefully not)

My work automatically gives a $10,000 policy for all dependents. But we don’t have anything on top of that.

We added ours right through state farm, so it’s on our car insurance policy. I think ours is a 35,000 policy and around $20 a month.

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I had 75 thousand on each kid while they were growing up because if something God forbid would have happened to one of my kids I feel I would have been a mess but the other child still would need a stable life and it would have got us by till I could have got myself together. I caught flax abt it from some family members but I had to do what I felt was necessary. They are grown and I dont carry any policies on them now . It was just enough to stabilize us for two years if necessary thank Goodness it never was .


My sister passed away unexpectedly at 16. My step son passed away unexpectedly at 13. I highly recommend life insurance policies because life sucks and it hits hard sometimes. Having a 50,000 life insurance policy for my step son was reassuring. We got to have the funeral we wanted without pinching pennies and gave us a cushion for the fact that his dad couldn’t work for almost a month due to grief.


Our children have them

They can cash out later.

I had life insurance on my 2 year old when she passed away 6 years ago thank god I did cause I dont know what I would have done if I didn’t have the life insurance


I have Gerber policies on all 6 of my grandbabies and its only 45 a month. I wished I had done this for my kids because unfortunately sometimes God calls our babies home and it gets expensive to deal with. I have buried 2 grandchildren already so I know first hand.

I have Gerber for us as well.

We have $25,000 for our son and it’s $14 a month.

I think having life insurances is important but not one through gerber. Find a better company. My grandma and mom are 100k… my siblings and I are 50k. I think she pays 400 with liberty mutual life insurance. Look into it I know most life insurances don’t cover specific causes of death.

Each life insurance policy has its own terms and conditions so very hard to generalize. It also depends on if you’re planning on doing a term or whole policy and having their own or adding a rider to yours. There’s an argument for why each would be “better” but ultimately up to you. The one thing I would recommend is finding a company that guarantees your child will be able to have their own policy once their old enough even if they god forbid develop a condition that would otherwise make them uninsurable. I personally have a rider for $25k on my policy that covers my daughter and any future children I have and when she turns 26 she is guaranteed a $250k policy without the medical underwriting process.

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I have a Gerber one for my daughter it’s in case the unimaginable happens. However with Gerber they can also cash it out at 18 if they want so they can have the money for college marriage whatever or even continue paying for it for life insurance coverage as an adult I believe.

Life insurance as a child can also make them insurable for life. My oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 8 and now i cannot get life insurance on him 8 years later

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I just opened policies for my kids. They’re locked in for life with super cheap monthly payments, can cash out when they’re older for a first car, college, house whatever and they’re also locked in forever and can not be turned down due to future illnesses, as I was. I was turned down for life insu because I have asthma…:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: so worth it! And the younger they are the cheaper the monthly cost! #statefarm
Under $40 a month for both kids!

I got all 4 Gerber policy that doubles at 18. Its whole life so if they need money for college they can borrow from policy. It’s good to have in case something happens. Funeral are around 8000.

Its cheap and you never know what willhappened i kept it on my grand kids but they made it now i have ggkids i havent yet. Lol

This makes me feel so sad for Americans… never even considered life insurance for the children (my partner and I have it in case and the house mortgage can be paid off and children looked after etc) but free healthcare here in the UK… we’re very lucky. Life insurance from
Our careers too. So sorry you have to even consider these thing such as health and education x

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Yes life insurance on adults and children every person. You never know when an illness or accident etc happens. Life is full of surprises and pay into it hoping you never have to actually use it but if you do it will help with time off work financially etc.

We have them but through bankers life not gerber

Life insurance is a person choice its not necessary though.

My kids all have riders on my life insurance policy. They have the option to convert their rider to their own policy at the age of 18 or 25. My youngest 2 kids are both special needs. My youngest son is extremely medically complex.

I put life insurance on my kids through my job. My ex said I was stupid, wasting money, negative and cursing my kids to die. Then my 17 yo had a car accident. I didnt haven’t stress about money while I learned to live with a broken heart. Get the insurance. If you are unfortunate enough to have to experience this horrific thing money should not dictate when you go back to work

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