Do mothers care about the sex of their baby?

I always hear how most men hope their first is a son, is it normal for mothers in general to hope for one over the other first? What is it generally?


I know for me personally, I’ve always wanted a boy. My husband didn’t care.

I wanted a girl so bad, and ended up with two boys. Was I disappointed for a while, yes, but I wouldn’t change anything now. Way cheaper for me too lol.

I wanted my 1st and 2nd to be a boy …my 3rd i really wanted my girl ended up a boy …my 4th i wanted a girl…im getting my girl …my husband never cared really…but is super excited about his girl this time

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I didn’t care either way, but many moms do. Everyone is different.

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I wished for a girl. I got a boy. And I wouldn’t trade him for the world! I was so meant to be a boy mom. He’s my whole entire world and more. :heart::earth_africa:

I didn’t care as long as I had a healthy baby.

I always wanted 2 girls. No boys… I got 1 girl

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I wanted a girl and was convinced it was a girl… was told a boy so my partner is definitely happy but anything can happen,find out soon

I dont. Just wanted healthy baby. I did hope for a boy first and got a boy but wouldn’t have been upset if it wasn’t. Pregnant with another boy now.

I wanted a boy first then girl and didnt care after that…I have boy, girl, boy, boy, and pregnant again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Not sure what this one is yet, but we are hoping for another girl this time.

It didn’t matter to me. I know a lot of women do experience gender disappointment, though. And it’s a valid feeling.

I always wanted a boy for my first. The reason always was if I had another he could be the big brother and protect the younger sibling

I really wanted a girl. I got a girl. My mom says I willed her into being a girl because I refused to even humor the idea of her being a boy. Most of my friends wanted girls first.

I always wanted a girl first.

I never really cared. My first three kids I found out while pregnant, all three were girls. My fourth I didnt find out until birth- I was expecting a girl bc well I firmly believed my uterus only made girls. Pleasantly surprised with a boy.
All I ever wanted was a healthy baby with no birth complications.

you should want ONLY a healthy baby!!!

I always wanted a son. I have two girls. Just wasn’t in the cards for me. :cry:

I wanted a boy first. I got a girl. She’s amazing.

Healthy mature individuals dont care about the gender of their baby. Maybe they are hopeful for the set but deep down it doesnt matter.